There’s Something About Her


When you’ve loved one child only for so many years, you can’t possibly fathom loving another human being as much or as perfectly as you love the first, the one who gave you the gift of motherhood….

There’s just something about Violet, our little Diva, that is remarkable to me…something about her that makes being her mom so easy and wonderful. We had the past three months of her life to get to know each other and every day she is showing me a new and vibrant side to herself – she is silly and happy and full of smiles more then any other baby her age that I’ve ever met and every time she greets me with that great big giant grin of hers in the morning my heart melts the same way it did when I experienced new life from her brother.


This girl. this perfectly made girl, has a personality full of character….I can just feel it radiate from her at all times of the day. Our first month together, I was so certain that she was going to be a baby that cried all the time, that was grumpy, had colic, and complained often but it could not be more the opposite these days – she is none of those things (unless of course you put her in the mean old car seat contraption….evil parents we are). Once we had all the feeding struggles sorted out and the reflux diagnosis things have only gotten better and better with each passing day.


I’m totally soaking up all of her love and happiness and I’ve decided I’m not going to waste an ounce of it ever because as most relationships between mom’s and daughter’s go, someday she might be really mad at me for a while and as long as I can hold onto these memories, these sunshine moments of every day – I’ll always have my Violet and even if the 15 year old Violet is all grumpy and full of estrogen and pms…..well, she’ll still have me in every beat of her heart whether she wants it or not.


Sorry Angel, You’re stuck with me – I like you too much. (Insert great big cheesy smiley face here).

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