A True “Mother’s” Day

This morning millions of women in North America and other parts of the world woke up to breakfast in bed, flowers, special gifts wrapped in pretty paper, and homemade cards – slap a little family togetherness in with that and whammo…you have a typical Mother’s Day. I’d love to say that today was all of those things for me but it simply was not. There were no flowers or handmade cards and my breakfast came in a take out container from a local greasy spoon type breakfast diner – and my children we’re not happy smiley “so glad you’re my mom” little beings today.

I haven’t been feeling well this week and my closest friends and family have been aware of this fact….so I’m not surprised that instead of flowers this morning I had a preschooler puking at the foot of our stair case and a near four month old with the start of what might be her first real cold. Mike and I spent most of the day trying to take care of Jacob who was definitely far sicker then his sister and after a quick run to retrieve something we had paid for and left behind at Walmart, we hurried back to continue taking care of him….Mike’s mother (who had been watching him while we were gone) remarked that I was having a true “Mother’s Day” and I instantly agreed that today was definitely a day where I needed to “Mother” my children.

It’s now late into the evening, my children are asleep – one with the fever and the other with her nosed so blocked up that she’s snorting her sleep – and I’m sitting her folding laundry and blogging…it seems just like every other day. It is indeed what we mother’s do you know – give up our “day” to take care of our children, because we know that “Mother’s Day” does not mean that we cease being mother’s at all – in fact, it Mother’s Day while it’s intention is to honor Mother’s, is truly a day to feel blessed, and fortunate that we have been given the gift of motherhood at all. I guess that today has really been an opportunity to be reminded of that…

The worth of a mother cannot be shown by the flowers she receives, the jewellery around her neck, or the little chocolates lined up in a box…rather the worth of a mother is shown in the love she offers her children, the 40th time during a busy day that you’ve wiped your sons nose, the 12 th diaper you’ve changed…..it is exhibited in a well cooked meal, a comfy hug, a smile, a tear and so much more….

Indeed I did not have the Mother’s Day that I expected but I did in fact have a Mother’s Day like any other Mother’s Day….a day filled with loving on my two children, who so dependently need and rely on me for their understanding of this world….

I am a blessed mother indeed….but I certainly wouldn’t mind if my children felt better tomorrow morning.

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