Angry Mama

It takes a lot to get me truly mad – I’m not talking about sorta kinda mad….I’m talking about totally pissed off angry steam whistling from my ears mad. There are not a lot of things that can trigger me to be so enraged but a sure fire bet to get me all riled up is to go after my children.

Jacob has been sick with a nasty virus for the past four days and the most aggravating symptom of that virus has been an incredibly resilient fever that has been resistent to any of the typical fever killers (tylenol & advil). We tried really hard to wait it out, take care of it at home, and let it sort itself out because we don’t want to be lugging our kids off to the hospital every single time they have a sniffle – but this fever, it wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Yesterday Jacob’s fever hit a high of 105.3 degrees Fahrenheit and when we found him passed out asleep on the floor between the stairs and his bedroom we packed up the gang and headed on our way to our local Urgent Care center. Now, I wouldn’t be telling the whole story if I didn’t add that we do not often chose to take our children anywhere else except for the Sick Children’s hospital in downtown Toronto because, simply put…they know what they are doing there and there is nobody better that deals with children – but that night, last night, we were hoping to just verify that it was a virus that would run its course and get home without a drawn out waiting experience.

When we arrived at the hospital Jacob’s fever was still 104.7 F despite the fact that we had given him tylenol just an hour before and the doctor who did not strike me of the bat as a friendly guy….wanted a urine test from Jacob so they stuck a bag over his penis with a whole whack of tape and Jacob was instantly annoyed as you might imagine you would be if you had something stuck to your genitalia – his reaction was to cry, loudly and beg us to “TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! Now that you’re picturing my half naked son, tears steaming down his cheeks, crying his head off with a bag stuck over his penis…I bet you can never guess what happens next…..

Footsteps are approaching our room in the hospital…

A nurse peers her head into our little space and says “The doctor wants you out of here because your son is being disruptive”.

As the words spewed from her lips I stood in front of her with an exasperated sort of stupid look on my face that I’m sure frightened her because she took a step back from me as I questionned her about the decision that my son be expelled from the urgent care unit because he was crying….because they smacked a little plastic bag over his penis….because surely my ears were mistaken right? Well I guess my voice got a little loud, or perhaps she was just reacting to the steam barelling out of my ears, but a few moments later another nurse poked her head in to “make sure everything was alright”……I looked at Mike and told him to take Jacob to the bathroom and take the bag off his penis, because THIS was the very example of why I do not chose to take my kids to any other place besides a pediatric facilty, where other children are sick and crying and snotting and no parent or other patient or doctor is annoyed by that because we all just agree that it sucks to be there for the child and the parent too.

I spent the next few moments gathering our belongings and shaking off the anger and insult of having just been “expelled” from the urgent care center and as we were waiting to sign the form saying that we were “discharging our son against medical advice” another woman who was there wth a family member approached me and exclaimed “this place is a piece of work huh?”… which I responded with a resounding “oh yeah, a freaking ridiculous piece of work”. So, we’re signing the forms that the doctor who could care less about my son with the 105 degree fever is forcing us to sign because he really didn’t want us to leave leave….he just wanted us to go wait outside with our half naked, raging fevered, crying, penis bagged, annoying, loud, snotty child. Apparently, we were supposed to wait it out anywhere but the actual urgent care center and come back when he had peed – right. If only I could have the guts to use a four letter word that starts with an F and is then followed by a YOU….but of course I don’t have the guts because I’m too nice….so instead I packed up our family, signed their pretty form (the one that made me the bad parent who signed their sick child out against medical advice) and I left.

I am guessing the urgent care center realized the error of their ways because they called today to inquire about the health status of my son – I missed the call and they left a message but I’m certain, if I had answered…my response would not have been pleasant.

We went to the Hospital for SIck Children today when Jacob’s fever continued to climb, he gave a urine sample, he cried his annoying Mommy I’m so sick and I dont’ want these doctor’s to touch my cry…and we didn’t get kicked out.

He has a sinus infection, a red right ear drum, and the start of a possible respiratory tract infection – according to the pediatrician we saw it’s typical to have 4-5 days of persistent fever with these things….because of Jacob’s history of reactive airways we have to watch for the familiar signs that Jacob was going into respiratory distress and return if he got worse.

The real kicker – when we got home tonight after spending the day at the hospital we discovered that Violet had a high fever.

Being a parent is such a joy I tell ya.

Every day is such an adventure.

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