Our Day (Sorta-Kinda) Out

I should have known the day was not meant to be when dear old cranky Aunt Flo showed up this morning, performing her usual gymnastics routine on my uterus and ovaries.  I might have suspected that the day would not be happy go lucky when The Dictator announced from the back seat of the car that “He did not want to go to the surprise, he wanted to go home”…..I should have listened to the messages that the universe was sending m but no, because I believe our family can have a decent day despite the occasional challenge….we ventured forth for a fun filled trip to the Toronto Zoo.


We were fifteen minutes late to meet our friends but I think that we made pretty good time considering we didn’t actually get out the door until 9:45 am and were supposed to meet them at 10 am.  After waiting in a line up that was far too long to secure our yearly membership to the zoo, we finally broke through the gates geared up for excitement that quite frankly just didn’t happen for us.  I’ve come to believe that the zoo is something that you should do with a smaller group of people so that you have the time to go at your own pace without worrying if you are burdoning the other people in the group.  Jacob is not a stroller kid, he walks every where we go and has done so practically since he learned to walk – it’s just who he is and its probably why he is so darn skinny….so we didnt ‘have a strolller and because of his curious nature he wanted to walk on every rock and doddle around, climbing and exploring and well quite frankly…he just wanted to be a little boy….but the Zoo was packed due to an event that was going on and it was all too overwhelming for him and or us.  I feel like I set him up to have a bad day, and I hate feeling like that….I know his personality and I know what he needs to have a good time and “keep it together” as I like to call it, but because we were worried about everyone else and making sure everyone else was getting to see everything they wanted to see……we rushed him, and encouraged him to move a long a little faster then we normally would have, and the end result was a not so happy little boy on our hands. I get so darn mad at my self when I do this to my kids, when I knowingly push them to act a certain way because I’m worried about what other people are thinking…it was his first time at the zoo at an age that he could comprehend, his mind is an absorbent sponge and instead of soaking in it all with him, allowing him to climb on rocks, look at leaves, and question us with his curiosity we pushed him to move from exhibit to exhibit at our pace, which in the end only hindered us from seeing much at all.


In the end, we did decide to leave the zoo early, knowing that we needed a “redo” when the weather was not so cold, the zoo was not so sandwiched with people, and when we were alone, just the four of us and able to go at our pace….we said our farewells to our friends and hopped on the zoomobile train that is free with our membership and took a spin around the zoo as a family before we climbed in the car and went home – I spoke with our friends when they got home and it sounds like they were able to have a good time, despite it all…..so it was probably the best decision for us to leave because it enabled them to see the Zoo in its entirety…..


Of course the day could not be without Jacob’s usual naive curiosity as he so poetically and loudly asked…..

Auntie Lisa, does that ant eater have a penis?!?!?!

It wasn’t even an ant eater but I think he was confusing the tail for a penis….you be the judge!


One thought on “Our Day (Sorta-Kinda) Out

  1. It kinda does look like one.

    Sorry the day didn’t go so well. Hopefully you’ll have lots of lovely visits to the zoo in the future!

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