Party Planning as Time Slips Away

Life has been barelling forward at a pace I’m not quite accustomed too and every week I have had just enough time to blink before Sunday has arrived and a new Monday has returned.  I feel incredibly frustrated with how quickly time is flying by in 2009 because I had high hopes for this year and a list about ten miles long of the things we were going to do as a family, none of which have come to pass as of yet…but gosh darn it I’m really hoping to get that trip to the zoo in this coming weekend.

Today marks the first official “holy crap his birthday is in 2 weeks” day of planning for Jacob’s birthday party.  We are having a smallish party this year with about 15 people including children, and Jacob has requested a pirate party – ok I can do that.  I’m not really sure that Jacob understands what a pirate is except that he knows they like treasure chests and say “yo ho blow the man down” – heh.  I’ve already gone ahead and ordered some party supplies off of ebay including pirate plates, napkins, a foil balloon, some loot boxes shaped like treasure chests and my mom picked up a cool pinata in the shape of a treausre chest…a la Pirates of the Carribean (not our theme but it works right?).  I think I’m going to keep the food quite simple and have some pepperoni and cheese pizza with fruit of some sorts (watermelon maybe?) then some snacky snacks like cheesies…I’m not ordering a cake but rather I’m going to make some home made cucpakes with little pirate flags stuck in them that I picked up from Michael’s Craft Store.  I’m not really sure if we’ll do any party games aside from the pinata…although I did see a cool “pin the eye patch on the pirate” game that I could probably make myself using some of my scrapbooking supplies…..mostly I’m just hoping its a nice day out so that the kiddies can enjoy my mom’s new swimming pool!

I am a crazy party planner (think organized, not bridezilla….heh) and I like to make lists of the things that need to get done so I guess that’s the point I’m at in regards to Jacob’s party…..the needing to figure out what has to get done part I mean.  I definitely need to put together the loot boxes for the wee ones but primarily there isn’t too much planning because we’re just ordering pizza which is easy as pie if you ask me!  Over the next couple of days I hope to get a good idea of how many children are going to attend and that will help me better know what needs to get accomplished.

For now, I have resigned myself to the fact that for the next couple of weeks at least…..time is going to continue slipping away from me and before I know it, it will be my own birthday….

Maybe I can relax on that day.

Happy Birthday to me right?


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