Pee on my Corn Flakes

I don’t even eat Corn Flakes, but if I did I’m certain I would be helping myself to a big old helping of already been peed on Corn Flakes.  It seems that we can not catch a break in this house because just when everyone started feeling better someone else had to go and get sick…this time it’s Violet.  We had such a wonderful weekend and them wham out of nowhere she started feeling and acting miserable… last night she was a great big mess of fevers, snotty nostrils, and a temperament quite unlike her.  Mike and I spent most of the night awake, trying to console her and as if the universe were not being offensive enough….I pulled a muscle in my neck/upper back when I lept out of bed in the middle of night when I was awakened by her screams.

I’m caling “uncle” as loud as I can….waving the white flag of surrender and giving the victory this time to the universe!  You win!  You went in for the attack and you managed to bring us all down so we are surrendering, hoping that you will show a little remorse for you what’s been going on and let us be.   I’d like to take my kids to the zoo this weekend with friends but at this rate we won’t be chattering with any monkeys any time soon.  It’s times like these when I want to forget that I’m a responsible grown up person and stomp my little foot in the middle of the room while shouting “it’s not fair!!!” but I know that it wont’ do me one ounce of good so instead I’m going to clean the house with bleach, toys and babies included – heh just kidding but that’s how I’m feeling right now!  I’ve got this feeling that viruses and bacteria’s are mutating on toys and surfaces because why on earth can we not get this bug out of this darn house?

I dont like pee on my Corn Flakes, on my Rice Krispies or my Cheerioes….so it’s got to hit the road.

Anybody have any suggestions for how to kick a bug from your house when it just seems to want to hang out and party?

One thought on “Pee on my Corn Flakes

  1. You’re having a year like we had last year. It sucks. I never did figure out how to get rid of all the bugs. They eventually decided to leave on their own. In the meantime I felt an urge to douse my entire house in bleach.

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