Proving Us Wrong, 1 Tire at a Time

Jacob is a doer, he has always been that way since the moment he was born. Every milestone and every challenge in his life thus far has been met with hard work, determination and ease. Every single time that we prepared, planned and worked out the fine details of how a particular transition would or should go…he would show us that he didn’t need all the preparation, that he could manage just fine. I recall with great fondness how easy it was for him to move from his crib to a big boy bed, move from our old house to this new one, and how easily he loved and accepted Violet into our family without an ounce of jealousy….he just simply adapts, goes with the flow, and doesn’t complain for the most part. I credit this ability to his own unique personality and offer no credit to myself or my parenting abilities, but its defniitely something that I think will serve him well in life – he faces challenges head on, without much fear it seems.

This past winter he took skating lessons and after a rough start I was so sure we were setting him up to fail but he proved us wrong and by the end of the lessons he was up on those skates, getting around the ice independently….I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised when he focused his same determination at the park recently, but always I continue to be amazed by him. There is a large wooden climbing apparatus with a huge slide at our park that has regular stairs, a wooden ladder, and a bunch of rubber tires as options to get to the top……as long as I can remember, Jacob used the stairs to get up and take advantage of the slide, last summer he mastered the wooden ladder but even up until a few weeks ago those darn tires proved to be a challenge for him. The problem has been that his legs were too short and he wasn’t coordinated enough to get from tire to tire, so after many tries I let him know that it was ok if he didn’t learn to climb the tires this year….perhaps when he turned 4 next summer he would be able to do it..4 years old definitely seemed old enough to be able to climb the tires…

In true Jacob fashion he decided that he wasn’t ok with that answer, that he felt he could indeed do it and the end result was that he did this…..

Lesson in Parenting 101…..

Never believe that your children can’t do anything, and never try to convince them that they can’t because you fear they might be disappointed if it didn’t work out…..anything is possible, it truly is and I have to remind myself of that from time to time….

Sometimes, when I forgot to remember…

The reminder comes from a 3.5 foot tall blonde kid with hazel eyes, making his way up the tires in his sneakers, jeans and hoodie.

One thought on “Proving Us Wrong, 1 Tire at a Time

  1. You can’t honestly take credit for you child’s basic nature, what you can take credit for is nurturing him in a way that doesn’t squash those qualities.

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