And Then He Peed Where?!

I made a decision this week that no matter what, if the weather permitted it, I would get out of the house every day with the kids from now on. I’ve recognized that all the stresses of the past months were weighing heavily on our shoulders and the way that I’ve resolved to get the stress out of our lives is to spend more time together doing fun things. I have drastically reduced my internet time and moved on with the plan to get outdoors and enjoy the summer! For the past couple of days we’ve been enjoying the nearby park that has a small splash pad and quite honestly its been quite a treat! It’s been hilarious to watch Jacob experience it all – I totally pegged him for a sprinkler lover because he adores the pool and has a blast in the bath rub but nope! I watched him squeal in frustration every single time a drop of water touched him and then he’d run screeching from the splash pad towards Violet and I shouting NO SPRINKLER NO! as if he were throwing profanities at it….heh. I’m going to assume that if we keep going he’ll eventually get used to the idea of giant sprinklers but if not then I guess he’ll always be that weird kid hanging at the sidelines too afraid fo get wet for fear he might shrivel up if the water touched him!

Today we took a walk to our local sandwich shop as a part of our outing, picked up a few sandwiches and made our way back to the park – Jacob really enjoyed sitting on the grass and eating. It wasn’t too long after we had started eating and playing that Jacob hollered that he needed to go pee. I started to pack up our things to head off to our house to use the bathroom when he suddenly exclaimed that he no longer needed to pee and that he was going to play. I had not had to deal with the “I need to pee!” in public yet so I asked him if he was certain that he did not need to pee and he gave me a sweet smile and responded that he was no longer in need of a trip back home – I totally should have trusted my gut instinct because a few moments later I looked up to find my son standing in the splash pad, legs spread wide apart, and a look of horror on his face as he shouted “oh no mommy I peed in my pants!”….outings are always an adventure I tell you! Thankfully, the water always washes down the drain and it wasn’t a big deal but I think next time we’ll take off running for home when the urge to pee comes on! I will not teach my son to pee in the bushes because I wouldn’t teach my daughter to pee in the bushes so I think that it should work that way for both children, regardless of their gender!

It was a pretty awesome day, even Violet got to enjoy some of the nice weather while laying on her blanket on the grass….too bad the only shady spot was on a hill and every time I put her down it only took a few moments before she was practically rolling away from me down the hill – sigh…like I said, never a dull day!

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