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It’s tradition at my work that after one of us has a baby whether you’re the new mom or new dad, we generally hold a little lunch where we can celebrate the new birth. I am quite fond of the way that my work celebrates all the little things like birthdays, goodbyes, and new babies to name a few – I think its great to connect with each other this way. It’s pretty common that a month or two after the baby is born the new mom’s will bring the baby by work to meet everyone but bad weather, sick children, doctors appointments, and other obligations have kept Violet and I away, until today.

I have to admit that I was not feeling too enthusiastic about making the long trek into downtown today with baby in tow, especially since Mike and I have been dealing with some pretty emotional news – the dreary rain didn’t make it anymore of a fascinating idea but I knew that if I pushed myself to just get there I would have a great time, and that I did. When I am not at work, I forget how much I love and appreciate my colleagues and that connection to the outside of mommyhood world that I love. It was truly a nice visit with them and I think the little Diva was able to convince them all that she is an angel baby with all her smiles, coo’s and lack of crying…..heh – show off!

It occurs to me that I am just 7 months away from the end of my maternity leave now, seems so far away and yet so soon. I was able to enjoy a nice lunch today, chat with colleagues whom I also consider friends, share the baby and have a nice day out with Violet while Jacob was at home with his grandmother. I remarked at one point that it felt great just to be out of the house doing something other then shopping for groceries or going to the park – it was as if I was feeling real again, breathing finally after the long winter indoors…..

Now I’m back in the reality of my home and my children…..dealing with a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t have to be dealing with, but through it all I’m enjoying some extra special guitar hero rocking time with Mike tonight…….

In my dreams I can actually play the silly game better then him!

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