Crash, Boom, Clang Went the Easel

My three year old has a unique ability of figuring the exact moment that it would be best to go looking for mischief. I’ve often remarked in my blog that I felt my son was getting smarter then me and I really believe this is becoming more true as the days pass on. I am sure a lot of you mom’s out there can recognize the warning signs….you know the ones give you that “this can not be good feeling”. In our household it’s always been dead silence that gives the mischief maker away and we’ve had many moments where Mike and I in an exhausted state have suddenly realized that there is silence coming from Jacob’s room and one of us goes running upstairs to make sure our cat doesn’t have a hair cut or our walls don’t have new art…..thankfully the first of those tragedies has never happened, but you never know – he’s a smart smart boy that Jacob.

I have been in a sort of slump this week, despite the fact that Monday started with a smile on face and a feeling of hope for an excellent summer – but the series of complicated news that has transpired over the past couple of days has quickly filled both Mike and I with a lot of emotions that we are still sorting through – one of the things that has transpired is that my aunt was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and while I haven’t seen her in many years, it is news that is till capable of giving me a swelling pit at the center of my stomach. I’ve got to say that in the past my son has had an excellent ability to sense my emotions and as a result he always adjusted his behavior to a more quiet relaxed stated when he sensed that I was needed some time to think through some things….but this week, he’s not catching on and I’m probably doing a great job at keeping my feelings a secret from him.

It should have come as no surprise that the Dictator was up to mischief as the silence was seeped down to the main floor – Jacob always chatters when he plays…he chatters and he sings and so when the noise stopped I should have caught on but I did not. I was sitting on the couch with Violet in arms, I had just finished feeding her and I was just sort of staring at her as I pondered many things deep in my heart. I remember looking towards the stairs when I heard a sort of clanging noise coming from the hallway and quickly I shouted out to my son asking what he was up to in his bedroom…..the message I received was short but said in a very kind and sweet voice…..

“Nothing Mommy, Just playing!!”

It was only a moment after that as I was falling deep into my own thoughts again that a loud crash came from my stairs and hundreds of magnetic letters/numbers and side walk chalk poured down the stairs, followed by my son’s little tykes easel – I was so startled and I let out a loud “Oh my gosh Jacob what the heck are you doing!!” while I clutched Violet and got up from the couch bellowing for Jacob to get away from the stairs and wait for me in his room. With Violet snuggled in at my chest I weaved my way over plastic numbers and pieces of used chalk and somehow made a track around the upside down easel on my stairs, placed Violet safely into her crib and hurried to Jacob’s room to ask him what he was doing – his only reply was that he wanted to play with his easel downstairs. I lectured him about how unsafe it was for him to try and carry his easel downstairs and let him know that he needed to pick up every letter, number and piece of chalk that had fallen down. I’m pretty sure that he figured out my look of exasperation and exhaustion because he quickly apologized and hugged me before sauntering off and cleaning up his mess (after I had picked up the easel).

Thankfully we have all of the doors upstairs except his own child proofed bedroom sealed shut during the day with child proof locks – I can only imagine what other sorts of shenanigans he might get into while I’m changing Violet’s diaper or talking on the phone to the same telemarketing company that keeps calling us no matter how many times we tell them to take us off their list!

Never a dull day in our household! No Sirree!

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