Happy Birthday Jacob!

Waking up in the morning and coming down to find….PRESENTS!

These were his presents from us – a new bike, the Tag reading system, and a wonder pets phone…..he loved them all of course it was hilarious when he told everyone he talked to that he got a TIN CAN from mommy and daddy for his birthday!

Telling us he’s THREE!

Riding his new bike!

Presents from Nana and Papa!


I still can’t believe he’s three! Wowee!!

Twas The Night Before Motherhood

It’s 11:40 pm and I am sitting here rembering as many details as possible about the birth of my son The Dictator, our Jacob. At this point in my emergency induction I was about 2-3 centimeters dilated and with the pitocin roaring I had opted for an epidural that quickly failed.  I remember my mom, Mike and I  working through the night – trying to get through it all, but the pitocin was winning and I was in so much pain and still my cervix would not dilate as it should….the end result would be a c-section 20 hours later that gave me Jacob, my joy…the one who gave me the gift of motherhood.  I cannot believe what a blast it has been to be this kids mother – what a gift to hang out with this perfectly named boy because he truly is a Jake, despite the fact that this name was not on our list until the very moment we gave it to him.


Three years old, so old but so young……I cannot even fathom the joy that is coming my way in the years to come.  I just spent some time with Mike wrapping and preparing his presents from us and I hope that when he comes downstairs tomorrow morning, June 9th…that he is excited and filled with the same joy that he brings to us, every single day…..

Except when he tantrums, gosh we could so do without that!

Prayers for Potty Training

I decided that I would blog about our ordeal adventure with potty training when I was sitting on the edge of our bath tub yesterday evening, the steaming hot water pouring over my feet.  I remember breathing in real deep over and over again, my mind silently delivering the same positive self talk speech it had been delivering for the past three days…..I looked down at the flecks of poop peeling from the soles of my feet and I swear a groan of exasperation escaped my lips when the poop swirled across our tub, circled the drain twice before disappearing.   When I was certain that my feet were thoroughly decontaminated of my sons feces I returned to the scene of the crime our bedroom to begin scrubbing the poop spots from our carpet.  I guess on Monday morning when I decided that this week would be the final attempt at potty training I supposed that it would go rather smoothly but alas it has been a week filled with experiences that are quite trying of my patience and supportive self-esteem boosting parenting style.  The days leading up to yesterday had gone quite well I had thought, but yesterday we had many accidents that left me feeling less hopeful and it was then while I was scrapping the crap off my feet that I knew we were in this for the long haul – but isn’t that what parenting is about anyway?

It had been just ten minutes prior that I was sitting on the floor sorting laundry while Jacob played at the side of our bed when I heard him  murmuring to himself about something or other….I paused, trying to make the room more silent, and could hear him muttering his own positive self talk…..”no poo, you have to stay inside, don’t come out on the floor”.  I leaped to my feet probably faster then my plus sized body should have been moving, weaved around the piles of laundry I had sorted and in a sort of bend and twist of my own body, I leaned forward scooped up my half naked son and said “hold it in buddy, hold it in!”…to which he replied “I’m trying mommy!!”.  I somehow managed to make it out of my room with Jacob dangling from my arms and as I hustled to make it to our bathroom a small turd escaped from between his skinny little butt cheeks, landed on the floor, and squished between my toes – sick.  Needless to say, I don’t think i need further explain how incredibly patient I’ve been trying to be throughout this process but the poop squished between my toes was too far over the line so I hollered for Mike to help me out, despite the fact that he had only just that moment walked in the door – welcome to insanity.

I have to say that I am tying very hard not to complain about how difficult this whole potty training thing has been for us because really it’s one of the only big transitions since Jacob was born that has been difficult or trying.  I don’t really have much advice to offer to anybody else out there that is trying to potty train because we (as always) are using a fly by the seat of your pants, praise often, and bribe occasionally method of getting this done and so far it seems to be working…..we are having about 65% success at this point which is far better than I ever expected we would be after day 4.  One piece of advice that I’d love to offer however is to stay away from any type of potty that makes sounds….especially ones with furry little red muppets named elmo branded on them because TRUST ME after the 800 thousandth time that you hear “ELMO IS PROUD OF YOU – HOORAY!” you might find yourself curled up in the corner of your room in the fetal position…..after very little thought I decided to ditch the elmo potty and on the advice of several of my fellow mommy friends we purchased this one by Baby Bjorn…..

I am hoping that it will be worth the forty dollars that we paid for it but the reviews are astounding apparently – who would have thought that people could write up such profound reviews of a product used to hold human excrement?!  I was just looking for the words MIRACLE POTTY to satisfy me, but what I found was soooo much more.  I am feeling rather inspired by this potty because as soon as we brought it home, positioned it in its new home in our faimly room, Jacob sat down and proceeded to fill it half way full with pee….ahhh my new friend, why did we wait so long to meet?!  I definitely think we’ll be able to store this one away for Violet to use one day!  The one good thing about this potty is that the penis shield is built in and non-removeable which is totally awesome…this means we will not have a repeat of today’s excitement which occured when Jacob excitedly sat down on the toilet but forgot to tuck his penis behind the small penis shielf and peed a glorius arc of yellow urine out onto the floor…..

How wonderful the things we do for our children – we are super hero’s us Mommies, willing to brave pee rainbows and poop squished between toes all for the better good of our children….

Pray for me as we continue to endure and hope….I think this is one area that Jacob is going to need to work at for some time – pray I have patience and that our new miracle potty works marvelously.

Please God?

Tummy Time Take Two

You might recall our tummy time troubles of past (read about them here) and how I vowed that I was stubborn and eventually Violet would tolerate tummy time!  Well, score one for Mama cus guess what….these pictures are proof that I WIN (insert cheesy smiley face here).



We’ve come a long way since the days of the wailing baby on the floor who thought she could easily out smart me by being an early roller….I know this is the sign of things to come because once Jacob was able to tolerate tummy time and roll over it was not too long after that he started crawling – I think he was about 7 months old when he started crawling and he quickly perfected that skill too!