The Artistic Mind of a Three Year Old!

Not long ago I spoke about the dead silence that most mothers know – the silence that alerts you to the antics of your 2-3 year old child, sending you leaping from your task to see what sorts of shenanigans your child is up to.   I can’t remember exactly what i was doing at the time but last Friday I recall doing something with Violet (my best guess is feeding her) and after a few moments I realized that all sounds were gone from Jacob’s room – I shook the fear from my face, nestled Violet into her pack and play and hurried upstairs to find my son sitting cross legged on my bed with two books he had received for his birthday.  I’m sure you’ve seen these books before, the ones that come with markers – yeah, brilliant idea for toddlers – whomever came up with this oh so brilliant idea…you suck.  I had placed the books on my tall dresser, the one that I thought Jacob could not reach and the one we had previously used to keep items out of reach from Jacob – darn those growth spurts.

Ever since we started potty training weeks ago my son has developped an interest in being nude all the time ….I guess it takes too much effort to unbuttong your shorts, yank down your drawers and plant your rear on the toilet seat so 80% of the time at home I am trying to get him to put his underwear back on.  So……there he was my son, buck naked, sitting on my bed with my beautiful white duvet……covered with black marker from head to toe……including genetalia!  Good gosh!  I can’t understand the young child’s mind!  The whole first I’m going to write in this book, then I’m going to write on my face, then my body, oh heck lets color the penis and testicles too thing just astounds me – I don’ find anything interesting about it at all – but there he was all wide eyed and proud of his creativity.  After some much needed time in “naughty land” and a scrub down in the bath we were good to go again – I’m pretty sure he knows that if he ever does that again he might never see another marker for the rest of his life….ever.

Here is a sampling of his artistic talent…



One thought on “The Artistic Mind of a Three Year Old!

  1. LOL I hate markers. I try not to allow them in my house. I don’t get the appeal either of coloring ALL over themselves, but three of my four have done it and the fourth is too young to have still (but the third has colored on the fourth before… because, somehow, markers find their way into my house uninvited).

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