The Dictator Grows!

I have to brag on Jacob for a quick moment because I was so not looking forward to taking him to the doctor’s today – from about 2 years on, Jacob just became totally afraid of doctors and would freak out and cry every time so this time I spent some time with him last night and this morning talking about what happens when we go to the doctors for check ups and we pretended to listen to each other’s hearts, I looked in his ears and he looked in mine and we spent time being goofy and opening our mouths and saying awww awwww awwww……he totally bought into it and every time he’d listen to my heart I’d say, oh that doesn’t hurt Doctor….
He just marched into the office today and told our Paediatrician that he was not going to cry because he was three now and got up on the table and let the Doctor have a good check up!

The doctor laughed and said well I was going to ask you if he was talking well but I guess I don ‘t have to because he’s a CHATTERBOX isn’t he? I just laughed and say “I know!”……He asked some questions about Jacob’s social interactions then did all the usual check up stuff.

I was laughing so hard because Jacob’s head has always been sort of 50-75th percentile but now it’s in the 80th percentile and the doctor said ohh you have a big head probably for your big brain…he laughed and I said is that ok that his head is big and the doctor said oh yes it’s fine it just means he needs big hats! LOL Now Jacob keeps telling me I need to buy him big hats because the doctor said so!

Jacob is off the charts in height for age – above the 100th percentile at 42 inches tall.

Weight for Age he was at the 70th percentile at 33 pounds

Weight for Stature (height) he was not on the charts, below the zero percentile but the doctor said that this was not indicitive of anything, just that Jacob was tall and lean and probably really active which is very true – he is always outside and loves to play!

It was a pretty great appointment if you ask me!

I can’t believe he’s THREE!!!

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