Three Year Old Flattery

As my efforts to get the kids out of the house every single day this week, I found myself needing a shower to get all the heat and sunscreen off my body and since my son (who has had showers with me before) was also dirty we hopped into the shower quickly together to rinse off.  I’ve often wondered when I would know it was time to start being more discreet around him in regards to body parts and other normally private things.  My son is pretty educated, as far as three year olds can properly be educated (boys have a penis, girls have vagina’s) when it comes to the usual sex organ stuff – so I never thought much about it I suppose….that is until today when in the shower, Jacob loudly proclaimed as I laened forward to wash his face…..

Mommy, your boobies are wiggling!

Mmhmmm, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to laugh or have that straight face on where you’re not sure if someone is making fun of you or not so I simply responded that “yes that did seem to be the case”…I continued to wash him up before he could make any honest, from the mouth of babes, coming about body parts down south.

Today marks the day!  No more showers with Mommy!

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