Three Year Old Friendship!

I want my children to understand what it means to be friends with someone and I hope through the years they are able to make good friends along the way.  I have had the same close friend for 26 years this summer and I honestly can say that it’s awesome to be able to say that – I want and hope that my children will experience something similar.  Jacob thinks that everyone is his friend and every time that we see children walking down the street, shopping in  a store, or at a park, he will express that this kid is his friend and he should play with them.  I’ve been trying to teach him about what it means to have friends and what it means to be friends with someone.  Lately, we’ve been spending a lot of time with a little boy we know through my brother….Liam is 2 years old, born 2 days before Jacob on June 7th 2006 and it’s quite obvious that Jacob and Liam are becoming friends.


Liam calls Jacob his “homeboy” from time to time and I think it’s the cutest thing – they love to spend time with each other and while they do have the occasionaly bought of not wanting to share or getting grumpy because the other person has a toy they want…..they get along quite well.  I am glad Jacob has someone his age to hang out with and they may both be going to the same Catholic school if we decide to send Jacob to the new school opening up in our area!  I think its quite funny that Jacob and Liam have become buddies because they are kind of opposite in a lot of ways….Liam is taller than Jacob by at least an inch (maybe more) and weighs a full 20 pounds more than Jacob too.  Liam has dark brown hair and Jacob is quite obviously blond…..Liam is packed full of energy and could easily beat out Jacob at any race – but Jacob is more cautious and slow…Liam is quite obviously a Mommy’s boy while Jacob is a Daddy’s Boy……


Despite their differences they have many similarities too….they both like the Wonder Pets (kill me) and trains – and they both love to play outdoors, especially together!  I really really hope that over the course of the next couple of years they are able to become good friends and in the process maybe I’ll gain a new friend too, since I’ve been spending a lot more time with Liam’s mom!


I’m hoping that next summer liam and Jacob can play on the same T-Ball team so that I have another mother to chat with while they play! Sometimes I can be purely self-motivated!  Heh

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