Twas The Night Before Motherhood

It’s 11:40 pm and I am sitting here rembering as many details as possible about the birth of my son The Dictator, our Jacob. At this point in my emergency induction I was about 2-3 centimeters dilated and with the pitocin roaring I had opted for an epidural that quickly failed.  I remember my mom, Mike and I  working through the night – trying to get through it all, but the pitocin was winning and I was in so much pain and still my cervix would not dilate as it should….the end result would be a c-section 20 hours later that gave me Jacob, my joy…the one who gave me the gift of motherhood.  I cannot believe what a blast it has been to be this kids mother – what a gift to hang out with this perfectly named boy because he truly is a Jake, despite the fact that this name was not on our list until the very moment we gave it to him.


Three years old, so old but so young……I cannot even fathom the joy that is coming my way in the years to come.  I just spent some time with Mike wrapping and preparing his presents from us and I hope that when he comes downstairs tomorrow morning, June 9th…that he is excited and filled with the same joy that he brings to us, every single day…..

Except when he tantrums, gosh we could so do without that!

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