Big But Still Cute!

I bought this for Violet on clearance before she was even born – I used Jacob’s growth pattern to figure out what size I should get for this winter….I didn’t take into count how differently girls grow and how different in body structure Violet would be in comparison to Jacob. I have learned the valuable lesson – DO NOT BUY AHEAD…no matter how cheap or cute it may seem!

I have to admit though, she does look pretty darn sweet in this outfit! I am hoping it looks a little less baggy i maybe January with some tights?

This girl just melts my heart!





I Didn’t Do It!

Since I’m writing about my good experiences in making home made puree’s for Violet I thought I’d also share some of the down falls or slip ups a long the way. I wanted to make a carrot puree tonight because I had a 2 pound bag of organic carrots that I had gotten for an awesome price and quite frankly the most exciting part of making the purees is how much money it is saving us. I pulled out the bag of carrots, peeled, chopped, and washed them all in preparation for being steamed on the stove…..they looked so yummy and they tasted like the best carrots as ever so says my three year old! I plopped our steamer tray into a large pot that had just enough water to touch the steam tray and then poured the carrots inside, turned on the stove and threw a lid on the carrots.

Ahhh the carrots were cooking perfectly – I could smell them and while I’m not a cooked carrots fan myself I could tell that they were in fact cooking. Now, I love That Daddy Guy a TON and he often has a lot of good advice so when he wandered into the kitchen and told me that too much steam was escaping from my pot to properly cook the carrots I trusted him and allowed him to retrieve a pot that would work much better….so he said….and after much determined effort Mike transferred the carrots and steamer to a new pot and threw a lid with a tighter seal on top. I was quite impressed with how little steam was escaping from the pot but pondered curiously to Mike if we should perhaps add a bit more water to which he said that we did not need more, it was fine – I trusted his opinion.

It’s a known fact that Mama Melissa has not been feeling well the last 2 weeks but my sense of smell is starting to return and as I was sitting in the living room with the kids I suddenly could smell something that I knew was a very very bad smell – it smelled like something was burning that shouldn’t be burning but what could it be? Mike had only just 2 seconds ago walked through the kitchen, across the living room and outside to use the barbecue! Anxious to discover the very prominent burning smell I hurried to the kitchen to discover thick black smoke coming out of my pot of carrots! Oh my gosh! My carrots were catching on fire! I lifted the pot by the handle and hurried outside where I proceeded to dump the carrots and it was not in fact my carrots that were catching fire….IT WAS MY POT!!!!!! Yes indeed, there was NOT enough water in the post as I had suspected and I have learned a most valuable lesson…..

Never trust that Daddy Guy when it comes to all things cooking.

My poor beautiful organic carrots.

Overheard At A Birthday Party

I love my son so much….it never fails that no matter where we are and in any given situation he can bring light and love into the lives of those around him.

This past weekend we were at my niece Sofia’s 2nd birthday and Jacob was the only child there that did not have a vagina. I don’t think it really phased him much because he just played along and seemed to enjoy himself. I was worried about how we’d cope at he party given the fact that Jacob was not in the best spirits all morning before the party – in fact I called Lisa ahead of time and warned her that my clan of kids was whiny and irritible and that we were going to attempt the party but might have to make a short appearance and disappear early to avoid my son being the center of attention on Sofia’s special day – and let me tell you his type of entertainment on a whiny day is not anything like Sofia’s blow out the candle, open the presents kind of day. I was shocked and impressed by his good nature and well behaved manner at the party and was very proud to hear a lot of compliements from a lot of people about what a wonderful, smart, well behaved boy we have. Even the greek people present at the party
(who we do not know very well) paid us special respect about our son and filled out hearts with compliments and for some reason it felt good on this day to hear those comments – like it was a reminder that despite the down times, we are doing a good job with our children and that so far we haven’t broken them too much – yet. I made sure to give Jacob extra special compliments on his wonderful day and how proud I was that he was able to go to the party and have a good time despite the difficult beginning to his day.

Perhaps the highlight of my day came when the cake was being served as our little dictator poised on his knees at the table with a big ole hunk of cake in front of him loudly proclaimed….


Awwwww the ladies swooned and smiled and comments on how cute Jake was being and I kind of smiled too and then just like the wind can change it’s direction quite easily I heard…


All the charm, but lacking the manners I tell ya!

Ahhh the joys of parenting….they really are bittersweet!

Homemade Baby Food: Sweet Potato

We have been moving forward at quite a slow pace in our solid food adventure with Violet and I will admit that her hesitation with accepting solid food has been discouraging for me in regards to preparing it homemade for her. Her very first attempt with solid food was jubilant….she accepted it and devoured it like a pro but every day since that very first one, has been quite a struggle and Violet is barely taking in much of anything at all. I am trying to remember that every thing about eating food, real non breast milk or formula type food is a new learning experience for her and so I am pushing forward and continuing to prepare it for her knowing that she can’t possibly regurgitate it back at me forever right?

Another great first food for babies and one that is not very allergenic is sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are packed full of vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin e, calcium, potassium, and folate to name a bit of its wonderful make-up!

I purchased these 5 sweet potatoes for a grand total of $2.10 last week at the grocery store.


While the oven preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit I gave the sweet potatoes a good wash with warm water and then proceeded to poke several holes in them with a fork.


Next each of the potatoes were wrapped just once in tinfoil in preparation for the oven.


At 400 degrees Fahrenheit the potatoes baked in the over for one hour until they were tender! When i removed them I could tell they were done because a sweet sticky sweet potato syrup was leaking from the tinfoil.


Slice the sweet potatoes length wise and allow them to cool on a clean dry surface for about ten to fifteen minutes. As you can see from these pictures the potatoes were so tender the skins were simply falling away from them.



Next scoop out the potato and put it into your blending machine of choice – I am chosing to use our food processor/smoothie maker.



Puree your sweet potatoes on high until your desired consistency is achieved. In this instance and since I’m making this for Violet who is a wee baby and new to solid foods – I added 2 tablespoons of distilled water that we had on hand but you can also use breast milk or formula if you prefer.

These 5 sweet potatoes produced about 4 cups of puree.


And………my 5 lovely sweet potatoes at the cost of $2.10 yielded 16 one ounce servings of puree and 4 two ounce servings! Pretty darn good if you ask me!


His First Wedgie Ever

The Dictator is slowly learning to dress himself and I’m feeling quite proud of him for his efforts as I did not think that he was coordinated enough to really figure it out yet. I have learned that it is always wise to stay nearby as Jacob (who always desires to demonstrate his independant nature) tries new tasks….just in case he needs some extra help or words of wisdom along the way. A few mornings ago I had rummaged through Jacob’s drawers, picked out some clothing and at his insistence allowed him to begin dressing himself. I suggested that Mommy would stay near by just in case he needed some help getting dressed but at his refusal and desire to get dressed alone, I retreated downstairs to wait for him to show me how well he had done with the task. A few moments passed and then a few more but Jacob did not come downstairs dressed or undressed for that matter……and it was just at the moment that I started to rise from my chair to peek in on him that I noticed his shadow cast upon the wall at the top of the stairs. I paused for a moment and then I heard his voice…sincere and pleading….


I snickered a bit and leapt to his rescue and when I got to the top of the stairs I quickly learned that he was indeed telling the truth! His underwear were on backwards thus the penis pocket (what Jacob calls the little flap on the front of boys underwear) was somehow wedged between his little bum cheeks….I smiled at him and beckoned him closer so I could fix his underwear and relieve him of his wedgie when he asked most curiously….

Mommy? What’s a wedgie?

Another day Jacob, another day.

She Digs It

Violet tried her first taste of my homemade baby food and so far it seems she really likes it!  We had much better results the first day than the second day but overall she really took to it very well!  I’m quite impressed with my little bumble bee!  We started with the avocado I had prepared and froze the previous week – we’ll do that for three days and then we’ll move to the butternut squash I have also prepared and froze!  Such a new exciting time for Violet I’m sure – a whole new set of things to try and explore!


The poor thing did gag a bit and of course we got it on camera for your viewing pleasure!


I can’t blame her though! Avocado doesn’t sound so appetizing to me at all!

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad…..

We were on a good roll for the past two months with our health….we had all four of us been in fabulous health with no complaints but suddenly at the end of last week we were completely unaware that this would all change for all of us.  Now it seems that…

A serious infectious bug has entered our house hold somehow! It started with Violet last week….remember her eyes? They got really really bad, she was diagnosed with a bacteria infection in her left eye, then it leaped to her right eye too – she was taking antibiotic drops and it wasn’t getting better but today we finally see a improvement.

I started getting sick on Sunday night, a slightly sore throat seemed to come out of no where…..I could barely sleep through the night, somehow made it through Monday where Jacob and I set up a little fiftieth birthday part for my mom – but Monday night I was TOAST – my throat was killing me, my glands were so large you could actually see them in my neck which is not an easy task considering I’m overweight! My ears were throbbing, I had the worst sinus headache of my whole life…..I didn’t sleep at all Monday – went to the doctor she said my throat looked nastily infected, she swabbed it but she was pretty sure I had strep, sure enough the result came back positive today. My ear drums and glands were so swollen and I also had a sinus infection! WTH! I started taking Zithromax (an antibiotic) yesterday morning and she had me double the dose on the first day – I am feeling a bit better today overall but now I have the poops (TMI I know) but I dont’ know if that’s part of the infections, a sign the infection is leaving my body, OR a symptom of the antibiotics.

Yesterday afternoon Jacob went down for a nap on his OWN at 1pm and did not wake up until 7pm…he woke up with a fever, we gave him some advil and he went back to sleep at 8pm. He woke up today with the Poops, he won’t eat, and he’s quite lethargic. By the time tonight rolled around, Jacob was not talking anymore and gestured and pointed to communicate with us – we asked him if he was not feeling well or if he was hurting somewhere and he pointed to his neck so I am assuming he was trying to tell us he had a sore throat. Poor kid.

So far today, Mike hasn’t gotten out of bed except to tell his boss that he was taking a sick day – I wasn’t awake when he did this….his mom came over to watch the kids a bit so we could both get some rest. I have no idea what his symptoms are really except that his throat is killing him and he’s sleepy like I was yesterday.

Isn’t this CRAZY? Is it possible that we came into contact with some bacteria or virus that is hitting us all in different ways? I don’t know what happened to us all and I’m completely unaware about how this nasty infection entered our lives this time but I’d like it to go away because we had some fun things in store this weekend like my nieces 2nd birthday and Nana and Papa were going to take Jacob for a treat on Friday to African Lion Safari – I guess tomorrow will tell us what the weekend has in store for us all.

What a bummer.

Like a Baby in a Bar Fight!

My poor little Diva she looks like someone hauled off and smacked her in the eye during a bar fight a la Paris Hilton style!

Before anyone gets their knickers in a knot and I start getting random comments or emails about why I would ever let my baby girl hang out in a bar an better yet….why I would allow her to associate with Paris Hilton….let me explain.

We were having a rather uneventful day yesterday for the most part – Violet was a touch on the crankier side in true diva fashion but I didn’t suspect tha something was wrong.  Throughout the day everything proceeded as normal but around 2pm Violet started crying hysterically and it took me a REALLY long time to calm her down…it was quite unusual.  Around 6pm Mike got home from work and we were all sitting out back on our patio getting ready to enjoy a chicken souvlaki on a pita dinner that we prepared (YUM)….I just happened to glance down at Violet’ in her exersaucer and noticed that her eye was really red and goopy.  I was sort of dumbfounded because just a moment before she appeared normal and content – we wiped it with a warm washcloth but the goop came back again and again and again…by the time the morning came Violet’s eye was completely glued shut (insert weepy sad face here) so we took her to see the pediatrician who said it looked like she had an infection that could be viral but could also be bacterial….he was worried about the redness and swelling so he said he was leaning towards the bacterial infection! Poop.  So we were sent home with some antibiotics for the eye and if it get worse we have to come back…la la la we know that song and dance before – what I Was more worried about what was how to get my wee little one to let me put the drops in her eye without a full out crying fit….God Bless the doctor!  He prescribed something that comes in a gel form…you drop a bit into the lower eyelid and then it liquefies all on its own!  AWESOME!

So sadly we are trying to combat this eye issue and we’re mostly staying indoors right now – I can only suspect that she picked it up from baby club as none of us are sick at all…..

The good news?  She hasn’t been hanging out in any bars and she’s not BFF’s with Paris Hilton!

All She Wants For Christmas…

Is some hair!  Violet is getting more and more bald each and every day and while it looks super cute…she’s hoping she gets some new hair growth just in time for those cold winter months!



Oh and while we’re at it a little growth spurt in the leg department would be nice too! heh. Then maybe a few of her pants and shorts might fit a little better!

It’s all good in the hood…..I happen to be quite fond of my balding, short legged, teensy weensy footed girl!