Big But Still Cute!

I bought this for Violet on clearance before she was even born – I used Jacob’s growth pattern to figure out what size I should get for this winter….I didn’t take into count how differently girls grow and how different in body structure Violet would be in comparison to Jacob. I have learned the valuable lesson – DO NOT BUY AHEAD…no matter how cheap or cute it may seem!

I have to admit though, she does look pretty darn sweet in this outfit! I am hoping it looks a little less baggy i maybe January with some tights?

This girl just melts my heart!





2 thoughts on “Big But Still Cute!

  1. That is the absolute cutest outfit ever!

    I have never been able to buy ahead. Ani’s in 7/8 at 9, but fits size 6 shorts and shirts. Cameron is in size 6/7 at almost 8. Fritz is in size 2 at 3 and Adrian is in the same size at 1. When Ani was Adrian’s age she was in 6-9 months. Cameron was as well, but Fritz was in 18 months. So, yeah, buying ahead even when based on siblings’ growth patterns just doesn’t work for me!

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