Crap! Or…Look Who’s Sitting Now!

It all started back when Violet was 4 months and 2 weeks old…..we had been sitting on the couch and I was about to lay her down next to me when she resisted my attempt with a strong push of back strength. I was curious to see what Violet would do if I attempted to have her sit on her own and she provided me with this response…….


I remember the floor of excitement and panic that flooded my brain at the very moment I was reaching for my camera and she was staying upright long enough for me to get the shot…and then another one….and then another one. CRAP! This is it, this it that moment in parenting when you know it’s soon time to lock away all your breakables, throw some plastic thingies into your wall outlets, and cover the edges of your coffee table in bubble wrap and duct tape (I’ve never done this last one, but it works for dramatic effect right?) – because after sitting, comes crawling, and after crawling comes cruising, and after cruising – you’re in BIG trouble…that’s it, it’s over……your freedom to leave your baby in a room and run upstairs and take a pee is GONE. I’m excited for Violet and her brand new view of the world she’s getting now that she’s entering the world of the upright…….

Now at 5 Months Old she’s pretty much got it mastered – now all she needs to do is master that art of doing it for a long time and then she’s golden! Watch out world….Look Who’s Sitting Now!



One thought on “Crap! Or…Look Who’s Sitting Now!

  1. Yay, Violet! Adrian started sitting insanely early (right after he turned 3 months) but didn’t start crawling until later than any of my other kids (late 6 months). It was wonderful. Until he turned around 6 months he was content, for over 3 months, to just sit. Once he started trying to crawl and then army crawled and really crawled it was over, but for that space of time it was great. I could sit him down and he’d just stay still. Enjoy it!

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