Great Big Personality – Itty Bitty Baby Feet

I am learning so much from parenting Violet – she is far more needy and dependent then my son Jacob ever was – but in return she is far more affectionate, snugly, and smiley they he was also…..she is fiercely dramatic in all of her emotions….I think she is a sensitive soul like I am – my emotions when I feel them are strong and very evident in my reactions and interactions…..My gut instinct is that Violet will be like this also.  She has a great big personality, a huge warm inviting smile and yet there is something sort of reserved, coy and shy about her……she is such a mystery that girl.  As she approaches 6 months old I feel like we are finally starting to understand each other and because of that it is getting easier and easier to parent two kids.

I’ve admitted it here before – the adjustment from one to two kids threw me off guard.  I did not ever expect that it would be  as big of an adjustment as it was…..oh my was it ever.  I remember this point in my parenting adventure with Jacob, it was the point where I breathed a huge sigh of relief, patted myself on the back and said…’re doing one heck of a good job Melissa.  Aside from the difficulty I am having with keeping up with the house work I am for the most part assured that I am doing a great job raising my children.  I balance the worry of the house being disorganized with the knowledge that they are only children for such a short time……the house can get clean but they can only be children for so long……I do not want to be that parent that stresses over every nook and cranny of their home and misses great opportunities with their children so I do my best to keep up and when I can’t…I’m learning to let go of any guilt or angst that I might harbor against myself.

Yes Indeed…parenting Violet has taught me so much but perhaps the most hilarious and mysterious part of being her mother is….

How on earth does a girl who is near the top of the growth charts for height have such itty bitty baby feet.

I went into a show store the other day and the lady asked me if I wanted her feet measured – I shook my head with a nod of approval and she took off Violet’s sock and I kid you now without even measuring she remarked…..

“I’m sorry we don’t carry shoes small enough for those feet.”

And so I simply laughed and said I know….because I do know – I have several cute girly pairs of shoes for her in the smallest of wee sizes and none of them fit…..I’m sure glad it’s ok for babies to be barefoot and I’m sure glad its the summer time.

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