His First Wedgie Ever

The Dictator is slowly learning to dress himself and I’m feeling quite proud of him for his efforts as I did not think that he was coordinated enough to really figure it out yet. I have learned that it is always wise to stay nearby as Jacob (who always desires to demonstrate his independant nature) tries new tasks….just in case he needs some extra help or words of wisdom along the way. A few mornings ago I had rummaged through Jacob’s drawers, picked out some clothing and at his insistence allowed him to begin dressing himself. I suggested that Mommy would stay near by just in case he needed some help getting dressed but at his refusal and desire to get dressed alone, I retreated downstairs to wait for him to show me how well he had done with the task. A few moments passed and then a few more but Jacob did not come downstairs dressed or undressed for that matter……and it was just at the moment that I started to rise from my chair to peek in on him that I noticed his shadow cast upon the wall at the top of the stairs. I paused for a moment and then I heard his voice…sincere and pleading….


I snickered a bit and leapt to his rescue and when I got to the top of the stairs I quickly learned that he was indeed telling the truth! His underwear were on backwards thus the penis pocket (what Jacob calls the little flap on the front of boys underwear) was somehow wedged between his little bum cheeks….I smiled at him and beckoned him closer so I could fix his underwear and relieve him of his wedgie when he asked most curiously….

Mommy? What’s a wedgie?

Another day Jacob, another day.

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