Home Made Baby Food: Avocado

The very same night that I made some butternut squash I used some of the time while the squash was baking to whip up an avocado puree to be frozen for Violet. Avocado’s are a great option as one of baby’s first goods because they are packed full of wonderful good fats to help baby’s brain grow and develop – many health care professionals will even suggest a food like avocado as an alternative to using the refined baby cereals that are out there.

I purchased 3 medium sized Haas Avocado‘s hoping that I would be able to yield about 8 – 1 ounce servings of Avocado. I purchased these Avocado‘s when still hard and after 3-4 days in a bowl on our counter they became soft with a gentle push of my thumb near the butt of the Avocado.

With a small sharp knife I cut through each of the Avocado until I hit the pit and then did the same with the opposite side – twisted it and voila they easily pulled apart and looked like this…..

The pit in the Avocado to the far left of your screen was HUGE and coincidentally I was unable to use this avocado. You can see that this avocado is pulling away from it’s flesh and has some black spots near its edges….when I scooped it out there was a lot of blackness so I discarded it and proceeded with only the other two Avocado‘s.

Next I just simply used a spoon and scooped all of the avocado into our blender to make the puree – you do not have to use a blender for this at all, you can simply mash it up with a fork and freeze it but with Violet’s reflux I wanted to make sure it was really smooth. You do not need to add any water, breastmilk, or formula – avocado makes a very creamy smooth puree….but if you feel it might be too thick you can add any of those – I did not.

2 Medium Sized Avocado‘s yielded approximately 1 cup of avocado puree.

I was able to get enough Avocado to make 6 – 1 ounce servings.

If I can get out this weekend I plan and hope to make some sweet potato, green beans, carrots and peas but rght now I’m not quite sure when I’ll be able to do it or how I’ll be able to get the items that I need so I might have to put it off for another week!

3 thoughts on “Home Made Baby Food: Avocado

  1. For sweet potatoes, invest in a good food mill. (I like my CuisiPro.) I have yet to find a better way to get a decent consistency without spending a ridiculous amount of time sieving the stuff. Adding a little water or apple juice helps with the stickiness, too.

  2. Ooooh, I make 90% of Bennett’s baby food, too! I didn’t know you were making Violet’s. He can be picky, but eventually will eat almost anything I’ve served him. Sometimes it takes 3-5 different tries for him to accept it, though. I hope she loves it!

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