Homemade Baby Food: Sweet Potato

We have been moving forward at quite a slow pace in our solid food adventure with Violet and I will admit that her hesitation with accepting solid food has been discouraging for me in regards to preparing it homemade for her. Her very first attempt with solid food was jubilant….she accepted it and devoured it like a pro but every day since that very first one, has been quite a struggle and Violet is barely taking in much of anything at all. I am trying to remember that every thing about eating food, real non breast milk or formula type food is a new learning experience for her and so I am pushing forward and continuing to prepare it for her knowing that she can’t possibly regurgitate it back at me forever right?

Another great first food for babies and one that is not very allergenic is sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are packed full of vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin e, calcium, potassium, and folate to name a bit of its wonderful make-up!

I purchased these 5 sweet potatoes for a grand total of $2.10 last week at the grocery store.


While the oven preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit I gave the sweet potatoes a good wash with warm water and then proceeded to poke several holes in them with a fork.


Next each of the potatoes were wrapped just once in tinfoil in preparation for the oven.


At 400 degrees Fahrenheit the potatoes baked in the over for one hour until they were tender! When i removed them I could tell they were done because a sweet sticky sweet potato syrup was leaking from the tinfoil.


Slice the sweet potatoes length wise and allow them to cool on a clean dry surface for about ten to fifteen minutes. As you can see from these pictures the potatoes were so tender the skins were simply falling away from them.



Next scoop out the potato and put it into your blending machine of choice – I am chosing to use our food processor/smoothie maker.



Puree your sweet potatoes on high until your desired consistency is achieved. In this instance and since I’m making this for Violet who is a wee baby and new to solid foods – I added 2 tablespoons of distilled water that we had on hand but you can also use breast milk or formula if you prefer.

These 5 sweet potatoes produced about 4 cups of puree.


And………my 5 lovely sweet potatoes at the cost of $2.10 yielded 16 one ounce servings of puree and 4 two ounce servings! Pretty darn good if you ask me!


3 thoughts on “Homemade Baby Food: Sweet Potato

  1. Who knew it was that easy??!?!? I think I may have to try my hand at it next time around… whenever the heck that will be.

  2. Hi Melissa- fellow GF here. I love making homemade baby food, too! Don’t get too discouraged if she isn’t eating alot of it in the beginning. Remember it is all about practice right now. They still get everything they need from formula and/or breastmilk… THink of solid feeding as just a fun side thing to do.. any extra nutrition they get it from it is just a bonus 🙂

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