I Didn’t Do It!

Since I’m writing about my good experiences in making home made puree’s for Violet I thought I’d also share some of the down falls or slip ups a long the way. I wanted to make a carrot puree tonight because I had a 2 pound bag of organic carrots that I had gotten for an awesome price and quite frankly the most exciting part of making the purees is how much money it is saving us. I pulled out the bag of carrots, peeled, chopped, and washed them all in preparation for being steamed on the stove…..they looked so yummy and they tasted like the best carrots as ever so says my three year old! I plopped our steamer tray into a large pot that had just enough water to touch the steam tray and then poured the carrots inside, turned on the stove and threw a lid on the carrots.

Ahhh the carrots were cooking perfectly – I could smell them and while I’m not a cooked carrots fan myself I could tell that they were in fact cooking. Now, I love That Daddy Guy a TON and he often has a lot of good advice so when he wandered into the kitchen and told me that too much steam was escaping from my pot to properly cook the carrots I trusted him and allowed him to retrieve a pot that would work much better….so he said….and after much determined effort Mike transferred the carrots and steamer to a new pot and threw a lid with a tighter seal on top. I was quite impressed with how little steam was escaping from the pot but pondered curiously to Mike if we should perhaps add a bit more water to which he said that we did not need more, it was fine – I trusted his opinion.

It’s a known fact that Mama Melissa has not been feeling well the last 2 weeks but my sense of smell is starting to return and as I was sitting in the living room with the kids I suddenly could smell something that I knew was a very very bad smell – it smelled like something was burning that shouldn’t be burning but what could it be? Mike had only just 2 seconds ago walked through the kitchen, across the living room and outside to use the barbecue! Anxious to discover the very prominent burning smell I hurried to the kitchen to discover thick black smoke coming out of my pot of carrots! Oh my gosh! My carrots were catching on fire! I lifted the pot by the handle and hurried outside where I proceeded to dump the carrots and it was not in fact my carrots that were catching fire….IT WAS MY POT!!!!!! Yes indeed, there was NOT enough water in the post as I had suspected and I have learned a most valuable lesson…..

Never trust that Daddy Guy when it comes to all things cooking.

My poor beautiful organic carrots.

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