Let’s Go To The Movies…..

Jacob has been asking us to take him to the movie theatre ever since that very first day nearly a year ago when he asked us what it was. It should be no surprise that time and time again we said that he could go when he was older, but her persisted saying that he was big enough now. Jacob can generally handle a 20 minute television program but he’s never really been interested in 2 hour long movies and despite many attempts to see if he was theatre ready….he would not stay interested long enough to watch even half of a movie at home……we finally gave in and took him for his first big boy theatre experience and overall it went pretty good. There were a couple of times where he said he was “finished” with the movie but he was able to stay for the whole thing, didn’t throw a tantrum, and I didn’t end up with spilit popcorn on my lap……..success.Prior to the movie we stopped into McDonalds to get him a happy meal…I think what he loved the best though was the complete focus and attention on him from both his parents at the same time.




A mouth full of popcorn…..


2 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Movies…..

  1. What a big boy! Fritz fell asleep during the last movie we went to. Of course The Hannah Montana Movie isn’t exactly aimed at almost 3 year olds lol

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