Like a Baby in a Bar Fight!

My poor little Diva she looks like someone hauled off and smacked her in the eye during a bar fight a la Paris Hilton style!

Before anyone gets their knickers in a knot and I start getting random comments or emails about why I would ever let my baby girl hang out in a bar an better yet….why I would allow her to associate with Paris Hilton….let me explain.

We were having a rather uneventful day yesterday for the most part – Violet was a touch on the crankier side in true diva fashion but I didn’t suspect tha something was wrong.  Throughout the day everything proceeded as normal but around 2pm Violet started crying hysterically and it took me a REALLY long time to calm her down…it was quite unusual.  Around 6pm Mike got home from work and we were all sitting out back on our patio getting ready to enjoy a chicken souvlaki on a pita dinner that we prepared (YUM)….I just happened to glance down at Violet’ in her exersaucer and noticed that her eye was really red and goopy.  I was sort of dumbfounded because just a moment before she appeared normal and content – we wiped it with a warm washcloth but the goop came back again and again and again…by the time the morning came Violet’s eye was completely glued shut (insert weepy sad face here) so we took her to see the pediatrician who said it looked like she had an infection that could be viral but could also be bacterial….he was worried about the redness and swelling so he said he was leaning towards the bacterial infection! Poop.  So we were sent home with some antibiotics for the eye and if it get worse we have to come back…la la la we know that song and dance before – what I Was more worried about what was how to get my wee little one to let me put the drops in her eye without a full out crying fit….God Bless the doctor!  He prescribed something that comes in a gel form…you drop a bit into the lower eyelid and then it liquefies all on its own!  AWESOME!

So sadly we are trying to combat this eye issue and we’re mostly staying indoors right now – I can only suspect that she picked it up from baby club as none of us are sick at all…..

The good news?  She hasn’t been hanging out in any bars and she’s not BFF’s with Paris Hilton!

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