Mama Turns Thirty One

I have not written much this week but I have an excuse and trust me this time its a legit one! Yesterday marked my 31st year of life since the day I pushed my way out between my own Mama’s legs and graced the world with my lovely personality. I can now say that I am comfortably into my thirties and seriously I have absolutely no complaints! My 30th year of life was one of my best years yet and I am hoping that the rest of my thirties will prove to be much of the same. I finally managed to get some sleep the night before my birthday and Mike was gracious enough to take the kids outdoors first thing in the morning so that the house was still and quiet and I could go back to sleep and get more rest… felt great.

I got some great presents that the Dictator so graciously helped me open (a black Puddle Lug bag for work and a wireless keyboard and mouse for my laptop) and then we spent some time outside having a lunch bbq on our patio and celebrating the birth of our country Canada and the birth of ME! I had the kids decked out in their Canada Day gear and they looked super cute! The Dictator was in an unusually permissive mood and allowed me to get several great pictures of the kids together – I thanked him profusely because I’m sure he will be back to his camera shy self soon. The weather turned out to be quite lovely and the legion band was playing across the street in honor of Canada day……it was lovely and got only lovelier when both kids went for a nap at the same time. We had dinner at my mom’s house, even though my initial plan was to just stay home and hang out with our quartet and then we returned home and enjoyed a chocolate fudge birthday cake – before the kids sauntered off to bed (ok so Violet was really carried to bed) and I snuggled in on the couch to watch So You Think You Can Dance.

All in all a fabulous birthday for Mama, if I do say so myself.

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