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I’m blogging from my patio tonight and I’ve got to say I’m way to stinking overjoyed about this!  We had thunder storms throughout most of the day and now the evening is cool but not too cool – you know that perfect temperature that this Mama always boasts so much about……ahhhh I love this kind of night, so perfect.   I’ve had a migraine now since yesterday morning and I know its because of the major weather shifts that keep happening here as much as I’d like to say its because of my children, the truth is that it is not.  As I’m sitting here now some dark clouds are rolling over head and now I’m wondering if I spoke too soon and any minute now the rain will come tumbling down cursing me for trying to do something enjoyable…we’ll see if the rain can hold off long enough to complete this entry.

I’ve called this post Odds & Ends mostly because I’m just doing a sort of rambling post, getting a few things out of my head and into writing for the sake of nothing except doing it.  Violet is just over 8 days away from turning the big 6 months old and I’m overwhelmed only because I know all too well all the adventures that come after 6 months old – eating, crawling, cruising, walking to name a few.  If you’ve been following my blog you know I’ve been starting to get some delicious vegetables pureed and frozen in anticipation of Violet’s upcoming leap into the world of real people food.  Today while we were out I picked up some organic carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, peaches, and bananas and I’m looking forward to my experience preparing these foods for Violet to enjoy.  I bought a lot of Jacob’s food in the jars and made a bit too but mostly in regards to the vegetables I stuck with the jars because I just thought it was too hard and I was worried I wouldn’t find the time but I’m astounded  at the cost difference.   Normally here in Canada a small 2 ounce jar of baby food would cost about 69 cents and in the early days that would probably do Jacob for 2 feedings……today I picked up a bag of organic carrots for $2.29 and I’m quite sure I’m going to be able to get about 10-12 servings from that bag, maybe more because I’m not sure how much puree the bag will yield…..see how much money we are saving?  It all adds up over time and I bet it tastes a whole lot better too!  It has too!

Mike and I are going to be working on a home organization plan of attack in the next little while and we’ve got several tasks and ideas to accomplish over the next little while….it’s really just a matter of sitting down and trying to sort through the things we want to do.  Some of the things off the top of my mind is to set up a little library area in one of our large storage rooms for the kids books, minimize the amount of toys in Jacob’s room, sort through and organize all of Jacob’s clothes from last fall and winter in preparation for selling them at the consignment stores, and find a way to make space in our place somewhere for me to have an area to do my scrap booking.  The bottom line of it all is that we have too much “stuff” and we really need to get rid of a whole bunch of it and make our living environment a lot more peaceful – more zen.  Heh. I’m thinking about some sort of garage sale to offload a lot of our old stuff….but I’m hoping to hold off until the time that Violet has outgrown stuff like her bassinet, baby swing, bouncy chair, etc.  The other thing we’re going to be working on is how to schedule the household tasks that need to get done so that we can stay on top of things like the laundry…I think we’re also going to be going back to our weekly meal plans….our household seems to thrive off of routine – so we’re headed back in that direction.

I’m starting to think about clothes that the kids will wear for the fall only because the fall transition lines are starting to appear at a lot of my favorite clothing stores for the kids.  I’m thinking that we’ll do a lot more mix and match this time around instead of specific outfits because I really like the ease of just pulling out a pair of jeans and having a ton of options to go with it – I still have a style that I like for Jacob……Jeans, polo’s, rugby style shirts, hoodies, and well made graphic tee’s….so far Jacob doesn’t try to have any sort of opinion about his clothing so I’m just going with what I like and waiting for the day that he tells me he doesn’t like something that I’ve chosen.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do for Violet since she’s going to most likely be crawling and I really want to keep with the layette style items until she’s outgrown that size…probably some tee’s and leggings and a lot of cute romper style outfits.    I’m not really planning to shop for fall until I manage to sell Jacob’s clothes from last year…..I’m hoping to get a couple hundred dollars to put towards the kids clothing budget – I know I can meet this goal!

So, now that I’m done clearing out the junk that’s been resting on my mind and now that I’ve most definitely bored you into ten years ago…..I’m happy to report that the dark clouds passed us by and the chilly night is still ever present.

Lucky me.

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