Overheard At A Birthday Party

I love my son so much….it never fails that no matter where we are and in any given situation he can bring light and love into the lives of those around him.

This past weekend we were at my niece Sofia’s 2nd birthday and Jacob was the only child there that did not have a vagina. I don’t think it really phased him much because he just played along and seemed to enjoy himself. I was worried about how we’d cope at he party given the fact that Jacob was not in the best spirits all morning before the party – in fact I called Lisa ahead of time and warned her that my clan of kids was whiny and irritible and that we were going to attempt the party but might have to make a short appearance and disappear early to avoid my son being the center of attention on Sofia’s special day – and let me tell you his type of entertainment on a whiny day is not anything like Sofia’s blow out the candle, open the presents kind of day. I was shocked and impressed by his good nature and well behaved manner at the party and was very proud to hear a lot of compliements from a lot of people about what a wonderful, smart, well behaved boy we have. Even the greek people present at the party
(who we do not know very well) paid us special respect about our son and filled out hearts with compliments and for some reason it felt good on this day to hear those comments – like it was a reminder that despite the down times, we are doing a good job with our children and that so far we haven’t broken them too much – yet. I made sure to give Jacob extra special compliments on his wonderful day and how proud I was that he was able to go to the party and have a good time despite the difficult beginning to his day.

Perhaps the highlight of my day came when the cake was being served as our little dictator poised on his knees at the table with a big ole hunk of cake in front of him loudly proclaimed….


Awwwww the ladies swooned and smiled and comments on how cute Jake was being and I kind of smiled too and then just like the wind can change it’s direction quite easily I heard…


All the charm, but lacking the manners I tell ya!

Ahhh the joys of parenting….they really are bittersweet!

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