Patio Dining

We’re experiencing unseasonably cool temperatures so far this summer and I feel like the weather gods have blessed me with an abundance of my most favorite kind of weather – the kind where you can enjoy a nice walk outside without sweat pouring from ever vulnerable spot of your flesh.  I am indeed quite content in this weather……but I’m not fooled by it, I know our time will come when the sun will beat down on us again.  I am happy to just accept it for what it is now, get outside and enjoy it while it lasts – that’s my current attitude about it.  We’ve been having a really great time outdoors as a family – particularly in the evenings when we all eat together at our patio table.  I don’t know what it is about this new ritual of ours but I find it quite enjoyable and I do look forward to it.  I think I’m going to be sorely disappointed when the winter snow and ice rolls in and we are unable to partake of the patio set…..then I suppose its back to eating at our depressing round wooden table – heh.  I’ve got a flair for the dramatic…..what can I say?  Tonight we continued our quest to eat through our freezer and used up some ground beef to make tacos…..

Jacob loved them……

And Violet just day dreamed about the days that she could be so lucky to feast upon a taco of her own.

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