You Take the Good, You Take the Bad…..

We were on a good roll for the past two months with our health….we had all four of us been in fabulous health with no complaints but suddenly at the end of last week we were completely unaware that this would all change for all of us.  Now it seems that…

A serious infectious bug has entered our house hold somehow! It started with Violet last week….remember her eyes? They got really really bad, she was diagnosed with a bacteria infection in her left eye, then it leaped to her right eye too – she was taking antibiotic drops and it wasn’t getting better but today we finally see a improvement.

I started getting sick on Sunday night, a slightly sore throat seemed to come out of no where…..I could barely sleep through the night, somehow made it through Monday where Jacob and I set up a little fiftieth birthday part for my mom – but Monday night I was TOAST – my throat was killing me, my glands were so large you could actually see them in my neck which is not an easy task considering I’m overweight! My ears were throbbing, I had the worst sinus headache of my whole life…..I didn’t sleep at all Monday – went to the doctor she said my throat looked nastily infected, she swabbed it but she was pretty sure I had strep, sure enough the result came back positive today. My ear drums and glands were so swollen and I also had a sinus infection! WTH! I started taking Zithromax (an antibiotic) yesterday morning and she had me double the dose on the first day – I am feeling a bit better today overall but now I have the poops (TMI I know) but I dont’ know if that’s part of the infections, a sign the infection is leaving my body, OR a symptom of the antibiotics.

Yesterday afternoon Jacob went down for a nap on his OWN at 1pm and did not wake up until 7pm…he woke up with a fever, we gave him some advil and he went back to sleep at 8pm. He woke up today with the Poops, he won’t eat, and he’s quite lethargic. By the time tonight rolled around, Jacob was not talking anymore and gestured and pointed to communicate with us – we asked him if he was not feeling well or if he was hurting somewhere and he pointed to his neck so I am assuming he was trying to tell us he had a sore throat. Poor kid.

So far today, Mike hasn’t gotten out of bed except to tell his boss that he was taking a sick day – I wasn’t awake when he did this….his mom came over to watch the kids a bit so we could both get some rest. I have no idea what his symptoms are really except that his throat is killing him and he’s sleepy like I was yesterday.

Isn’t this CRAZY? Is it possible that we came into contact with some bacteria or virus that is hitting us all in different ways? I don’t know what happened to us all and I’m completely unaware about how this nasty infection entered our lives this time but I’d like it to go away because we had some fun things in store this weekend like my nieces 2nd birthday and Nana and Papa were going to take Jacob for a treat on Friday to African Lion Safari – I guess tomorrow will tell us what the weekend has in store for us all.

What a bummer.

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