Do It. It Could Kill You.

I’ve been particularly irritated as of late when we pass cars with drivers that are using their cell phones to text message.  I am a lover of technology that’s for sure, but I can’t wrap my head around this.  Mike and I have recently watched cars swerve, drive to slow on a major highway, or change lanes at an inappropriate time and when we saw the driver through their window, all three of them had something in common – they were either texting, emailing, or doing something of the sort on their phone.

Be responsible if you’re going to operate a vehicle that could take away someone else’s life – you might not care about yours, but they care about their own and dude seriously?  Whomever needs to talk to you can wait until you’re off the road, if they can’t….find a safe place to pull over and do your testing business.

Good Times, Good Times.

Unless my dear friend Lisa is lying to my face, I somehow managed to pull off a miracle this weekend! I consider Lisa my sister because we grew up together, doing everything together, and for the most part we pretty much spent every single weekend together for a lot of years. I am picky when it comes to friendship and I guess the truth is that I pretty much don’t offer my trust to a lot of people – so its quite a big deal that I have maintained a friendship for 27 years (gosh that freaking ages me doesn’t it?). I consider her children my nieces (Sofia and another little girl due in the next couple of weeks) and she considers my children her niece and nephew – that’s just how it is, there’s no other way that we could ever imagine it existing.

Now that I’ve provided you with some background information, let me return to my alleluia miracle story! I somehow managed to actually surprise Lisa with a mini baby shower (just her and four friends) and she had no clue! Yay me. Honestly, while it was definitely a wonderful time to celebrate their new little girl, whom I now believe will be named Gabriella, it was also a good time to just hang out, do nothing, eat food, and not be maternally responsible. We had such a great time chatting, eating, laughing, eating, opening presents, drinking, more eating, catching up on our lives, and oh yes did I mention eating? We were all SO full by the time we were done…..we definitely indulged. Lisa originally thought she was going out to eat with just me, then we added in Melanie and after that everyone else was a surprise! I rock.

We were in that darn restaurant for four and a half hours and we knew they wanted us to leave but we did not care because our bill was incredibly expensive and gosh darn it we were going to sit and chat and laugh and reminisce for as long as we wanted! It felt amazing to be out doing something other than being a wife and mother – I love my whole family a lot, but you realize how much you miss just having some spare time to think differently – it was so relaxing…I want to do it again, soon! Sadly, it wont’ happen too soon because Lisa is about to get thrust into that suddenly having two kids coma that lasts for about 3 months so I know our comings and goings will be centered around that for the next little while!

Ahhh, it was like breathing in new air….regenerating the Mommy lungs and partaking of something different, even if it was just for four and a half hours! I mean there was just so much fun to be had….

How could you not have fun when there was even preggo boobies to grab! Ahhh good times, good times. Yes, my hand is there….sorry Lisa & Suzanne I had to share it, it was too good to pass up.


Daddy Daycare

Me: Hey Mike, can you watch the kids while I just do this one return and buy these items?

Mike: Oh yeah no problem, I have it all under control
***Moments later he sends the following picture of The Diva and The Dictator watching TV in gymboree to his twitter account.


Yup, all under control alright. Heh.

Fashion Friday!

As the summer starts to slowly fade into the fall over the next 6 weeks I thought that as I got my kids clothing wardrobes flipped over for the seasons ahead I would share some of the cute things I’ve picked out for them. Many things were picked up last year on clearance and some this year on coupon. I try really hard to get what I want for the cheapest price possible and what most people don’t know is that you almost never ever have to pay full price for anything….even name brand clothing. I am not a clothing snob by any means…both of my kids have a mixture of clothing in their closets that range from walmart to ralph lauren and most recently my new favorite the Joe line from the Real Canadian Super Store…but I am a sucker for cute outfits and I have no problem letting my kids play and get dirty in their clothes either – did I mention I am super awesome at getting stains out?

So, as we try things on and attempt to get sizes sorted out (especially for Violet) I’ll share some pics of my kids in some of their fall and winter clothing! First up for Fashion Friday is Violet! She was being such a cheese ball in these pics! This outfit is from the Gymboree All About Buttons line.



Tsk Tsk Tsk Thumb Sucker!


Do you think she’ll do this perfect smiling sitting pose when I take her to get her portraits done?


Cheese Ball!


Putting the Childhood Dental PTSD Behind Me

I remember my early childhood dental visits as if they were only yesterday…the dentists name was Dr. Karet (I think that’s how it was spelled) and it was pronounced like the vegetable so as I child I heard the following “Dr. Carrot”. Dr Carrots office smelled like alcohol and old man and it had that 1970’s polyester style wall paper plastered over its walls. Everything about the dental office screamed at me as a kid that I needed to run in the opposite direction and I tried, I swear I tried. I fought tooth and nail with the dentist and his assistant and they fought back, HARD…I wriggled, screamed, shook that chair but they proceeded to try and hold me down to get the dental procedure done and I vowed that I would not go back there……..ever. Lucky for me my mother found a new dentist, a child friendly dentist, called a pediatric dentist….and I went to him and somehow got over my fear, until that dreaded day when I was in his office at 21 years old and he said the words I knew would one day come, but still they were shocking as ever….”Melissa, you need to find a new dentist….you’re not a child anymore, we can no longer carry you as a patient here.” Crap.

I spent the next couple of years in a sort of dental limbo and I did not get my teeth cleaned for several years until I decided it was time, flipped opened the yellow pages and looked for a dentist in my area. I have since seen Dr. Mann over the years and get my teeth cleaned without issue 3-4 times a year with my most favorite hygenist Kim…she’s the best, I swear to it. I always knew the time would come for Jacob to have his turn at the dentist, and I vowed that I would make it a pleasant experience for him, that I wouldn’t let anybody hold him down no matter how rotten his teeth were, that if he cried we’d call it a day and try again another day….but he met the experience without fear, climbed up into the chair, opened his mouth, and let KIm “have at it”. I’m not kidding when I say that he was a totally cool cat and the only objection he had was that he did not like the taste of the tooth paste and well…..that’s because it was mint!!! The flavor of choice for kids at the dentist is bubble gum but when Kim offered it to him, he turned it down because the idea of bubble gum flavored tooth paste was so foreign to him – he has no clue what bubble gum is really.

I am so happy that his first experience at the dentist was pleasant for him and that years from now he won’t look at me and say “Mom, remember that time you traumatized me at the dentist?” In the end he learned that he had 20 marvelously taken care of teeth, no cavities, and a spanking new tooth brush…..Kim asked him if she could take his picture to put on the No Cavity smile wall and he happily declined as he hopped off the chair.




Toronto Babies at the Ball Park

Two weeks ago (yeah that’s how far behind I am in my blogging) we ventured off to the Babies at the Ball Park event at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. We’ve been to this event before back when Jacob was just 14 months old but this was our first time with two kids! The event is a pretty awesome deal where you not only get discounted tickets to a Major League Ballgame but you also get stroller parking, a diaper change station, and a ton of other parents who quite frankly just don’t give a darn if your baby is screaming its head off or if you have your boob popped out to nurse a wee won….nope everyone is complacent and could frankly care less – babies wailed, my seat got kicked about 100 times over and I didn’t feel any urge to turn around and death stare the person doing it because I knew that the kicker was a wee 15 month old and my own son was surely about to do something equally as annoying at any given minute. Ahhhh, it was so nice to be with other parents and enjoy the ball game without worrying about fingers up nostrils or retched smelling diapers!

We had decided to take the Go Train into the city because our son has a love of all things train related and we were blessed by the weather gods with a clashing piss pouring rain storm while we waited on the train platform – good times right? Deep breath in, remember its all about the kids right? We braved the storm and weaved our way through the train station downtown to find our selves at the Rogers Centre where our entire family enjoyed a pretty good game of baseball…..half way through they even opened up the dome because the storms had passed and the sun was shining!











And She Arrives, Late & Over Heated

We’ve waited and waited for her sweet succulent arrival but no matter which way we turned out heads summer in the city of Toronto was not to be found! The cool days and rainy weather tortured us and our plan for outings, park trips and days spent swimming and eating on our patio..but alas my dear friend summer has arrived in all her glory, leaving us feeling hot, humid, and angry! I had hoped that when summer decided to make her appearance she would show up in a calm organized manner with a little bit of heat and a tiny bit of humidity but not a chance….she arrived in full angry force with record breaking temps that have forced us into a heat wave filled to the brim with humidity and that oh so heavy feeling on your chest that the air you’re breathing in weighs 800 thousand pounds. Ugg.

So we got we asked for and waited for just weeks before our Canadian autumn is supposed to start rolling in and in celebration of the arrival of summer at last my children spent the day doing this……



Good times. Good times.

Where Has Mama Been?

Some of my readers have emailed me or messaged me asking where Mama has been….so I’m here to tell you all!

It seems I just can’t beat the clock these days because I feel like no matter how hard I try I just get get the things done that I want to get done. We’ve basically lived the last couple of weeks in quarantine because after our entire family got sick (which took us a full 3 weeks to get over) my aunt landed herself on life support in the hospital because while in the hospital receiving treatment for her leukemia she came down with a bacteria infection/pneumonia in her lungs that she just doesn’t seem to fight. As a result of this, we haven’t been seeing many people and we’re trying to limit our contact with anyone who has kids or who has any sort of illness because if we get sick again, we can’t see my mom and that’s been really hard on Jacob in particular…so we are trying with all of our might to lead a sort of sheltered life for the next little while, at least until my aunt is safely off life support – we did enjoy a day at Centreville and a Babies in the Ballpark outing, which was a really great break from the same old….thankfully so far we’ve all remained, healthy.

Speaking of my aunt, it’s been really nice to reunite with my cousins and its rather unfortunate that over the years we haven’t seen each other because as kids we use to spend a lot of time playing together. The other day we were all sitting around the waiting room of the I.C.U sharing stories and recollecting memories of our times together as children. I went in to see my aunt with my mom that day and it was hard to believe that this woman was the same woman I had only just two days ago chatted with. laughed with, and spent time with. It’s a stark realization that this is how quickly your life can be pushed to the edge, how quickly you could be here and then you could not be. I hope that my aunt is able to pull through so we can celebrate her upcoming birthday, so that we all can enjoy each others company under happier circumstances…God willing.

Somehow we’ve survived with the help of Mike’s mom through all of this sickness and chaos….we’ve had in the past week three different doctors appointments, swimming lessons twice a week, and now three dentist appointments. On top of all these obligations we also have to get all the kids too small clothing consigned because they only accept so much and then they don’t accept anymore….and I need to get this stuff out of my house! Why is it that life always seems like its two to three huge steps ahead of you? I feel like that darn horse chasing the carrot dangled over head…never able to catch up and win the prize!

I do have much to look forward to like the upcoming birth of my niece whom I believe shall be named Isabella, and I’ve got plans to go out for ribs and relaxation with Lisa and Melanie (yes yes ladies AND cheddar dip) two Saturdays from now at Baton Rouge! Yummy. In addition, I am looking forward to Mike’s vacation at the end of the summer which we will hopefully use to just relax in addition to our trip to the C.N.E and the Zoo. When all of this has come and gone, then I have autumn to look forward to…my most favourite time of year!

Through all of this drama, excitement, busy day madness I’ve been grateful to have good friends and family who understand how it is, this ebb and flow of life, and I’m thankful for their emails, facebook messages, and texts to let me know they are thinking of my aunt, hoping for the best, asking for updates, checking in when we were sick to make sure we were getting better…..mostly I’m worried about my mother, who hasn’t been sleeping, spends all her time at the hospital, and is no doubt sick with worry… I guess my mind is with her most days, hoping she’s doing okay through it all, hoping she can get rest and praying that my aunt will become well again, so that my mother can have piece of mind.

So the answer is…..Mama’s been preoccupied with life, emotions, illness, and all that jazz…..but I should be back to the blog grind now. I hope.

Crawling Out of my New Hobby Hole

I’ve been MIA from bloggy world for a week now! I can not even believe that its been a whole week because trust me time has gone by just too fast. My family is dealing with my aunt who has cancer and is currently on life support in the hospital and that has left everyone feeling a bit down in the dumps. I’m back though, and feeling the blogging groove once again because…..

Guess what?

Mama got a new hobby! That’s right after some encouragement (bullying) by a dear friend I ventured into the world of digital scrap booking! This is a whole new world for me because I am quite fond and use to the old fashioned art of paper crafting but I have to say that I am finding the whole experience rather enjoyable and the best thing is there’s no mess to clean up when you’re done! I’m not quite sure if I’ve got the talent and skill needed to become good at this new hobby of mine but quite frankly I just don’t care because I’m having such a grand time doing it and because I love all my bloggy friends so much I am willing to give you all a peek at some of the pages I’ve done!

Jacob & Liam

Violet's Name

Plan B

When we all woke up this morning, Mike and I surprised Jacob with the news that we were going to Marine Land in Niagara Falls today! He was so excited nd it made us all so full of energy as we prepared a picnic lunch, loaded up the car, and went on our merry way. We were sadly met with horrendous traffic on the highway and after over an hour of bumper to bumper traffic we had only made it as far as we would normally drive in 15 minutes. The drive to Marine Land was only supposed to be an hour and a half total so we knew this was not going to be a short drive and after listening to the news report that told us it was bumper to bumper all the way to the border we pretty much decided to turn around and go back towards home.

It wasn’t too hard to come up with an alternative because we had already thought of a plan B…..Centreville on Toronto Island! We made the trek into the downtown area amidst all the chaos of Caribana weekend and found the ferry! We had such a great time and the best part of it all…..we made it all the way till 7pm before we went home – Jacob had NO nap and was still in a great mood! It was a fantastic day weather wise, our picnic was delicious and we were all in great spirits! What a great time!