And She Arrives, Late & Over Heated

We’ve waited and waited for her sweet succulent arrival but no matter which way we turned out heads summer in the city of Toronto was not to be found! The cool days and rainy weather tortured us and our plan for outings, park trips and days spent swimming and eating on our patio..but alas my dear friend summer has arrived in all her glory, leaving us feeling hot, humid, and angry! I had hoped that when summer decided to make her appearance she would show up in a calm organized manner with a little bit of heat and a tiny bit of humidity but not a chance….she arrived in full angry force with record breaking temps that have forced us into a heat wave filled to the brim with humidity and that oh so heavy feeling on your chest that the air you’re breathing in weighs 800 thousand pounds. Ugg.

So we got we asked for and waited for just weeks before our Canadian autumn is supposed to start rolling in and in celebration of the arrival of summer at last my children spent the day doing this……



Good times. Good times.

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