Crawling Out of my New Hobby Hole

I’ve been MIA from bloggy world for a week now! I can not even believe that its been a whole week because trust me time has gone by just too fast. My family is dealing with my aunt who has cancer and is currently on life support in the hospital and that has left everyone feeling a bit down in the dumps. I’m back though, and feeling the blogging groove once again because…..

Guess what?

Mama got a new hobby! That’s right after some encouragement (bullying) by a dear friend I ventured into the world of digital scrap booking! This is a whole new world for me because I am quite fond and use to the old fashioned art of paper crafting but I have to say that I am finding the whole experience rather enjoyable and the best thing is there’s no mess to clean up when you’re done! I’m not quite sure if I’ve got the talent and skill needed to become good at this new hobby of mine but quite frankly I just don’t care because I’m having such a grand time doing it and because I love all my bloggy friends so much I am willing to give you all a peek at some of the pages I’ve done!

Jacob & Liam

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