Do It. It Could Kill You.

I’ve been particularly irritated as of late when we pass cars with drivers that are using their cell phones to text message.  I am a lover of technology that’s for sure, but I can’t wrap my head around this.  Mike and I have recently watched cars swerve, drive to slow on a major highway, or change lanes at an inappropriate time and when we saw the driver through their window, all three of them had something in common – they were either texting, emailing, or doing something of the sort on their phone.

Be responsible if you’re going to operate a vehicle that could take away someone else’s life – you might not care about yours, but they care about their own and dude seriously?  Whomever needs to talk to you can wait until you’re off the road, if they can’t….find a safe place to pull over and do your testing business.

One thought on “Do It. It Could Kill You.

  1. I so agree with you! A friend of ours was in a car accident just last week. She was hit head on by someone text messaging. She’s going to be okay in the end, but for now she’s got a cracked sternum and is pretty beaten up.

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