Fashion Friday!

As the summer starts to slowly fade into the fall over the next 6 weeks I thought that as I got my kids clothing wardrobes flipped over for the seasons ahead I would share some of the cute things I’ve picked out for them. Many things were picked up last year on clearance and some this year on coupon. I try really hard to get what I want for the cheapest price possible and what most people don’t know is that you almost never ever have to pay full price for anything….even name brand clothing. I am not a clothing snob by any means…both of my kids have a mixture of clothing in their closets that range from walmart to ralph lauren and most recently my new favorite the Joe line from the Real Canadian Super Store…but I am a sucker for cute outfits and I have no problem letting my kids play and get dirty in their clothes either – did I mention I am super awesome at getting stains out?

So, as we try things on and attempt to get sizes sorted out (especially for Violet) I’ll share some pics of my kids in some of their fall and winter clothing! First up for Fashion Friday is Violet! She was being such a cheese ball in these pics! This outfit is from the Gymboree All About Buttons line.



Tsk Tsk Tsk Thumb Sucker!


Do you think she’ll do this perfect smiling sitting pose when I take her to get her portraits done?


Cheese Ball!


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