Good Times, Good Times.

Unless my dear friend Lisa is lying to my face, I somehow managed to pull off a miracle this weekend! I consider Lisa my sister because we grew up together, doing everything together, and for the most part we pretty much spent every single weekend together for a lot of years. I am picky when it comes to friendship and I guess the truth is that I pretty much don’t offer my trust to a lot of people – so its quite a big deal that I have maintained a friendship for 27 years (gosh that freaking ages me doesn’t it?). I consider her children my nieces (Sofia and another little girl due in the next couple of weeks) and she considers my children her niece and nephew – that’s just how it is, there’s no other way that we could ever imagine it existing.

Now that I’ve provided you with some background information, let me return to my alleluia miracle story! I somehow managed to actually surprise Lisa with a mini baby shower (just her and four friends) and she had no clue! Yay me. Honestly, while it was definitely a wonderful time to celebrate their new little girl, whom I now believe will be named Gabriella, it was also a good time to just hang out, do nothing, eat food, and not be maternally responsible. We had such a great time chatting, eating, laughing, eating, opening presents, drinking, more eating, catching up on our lives, and oh yes did I mention eating? We were all SO full by the time we were done…..we definitely indulged. Lisa originally thought she was going out to eat with just me, then we added in Melanie and after that everyone else was a surprise! I rock.

We were in that darn restaurant for four and a half hours and we knew they wanted us to leave but we did not care because our bill was incredibly expensive and gosh darn it we were going to sit and chat and laugh and reminisce for as long as we wanted! It felt amazing to be out doing something other than being a wife and mother – I love my whole family a lot, but you realize how much you miss just having some spare time to think differently – it was so relaxing…I want to do it again, soon! Sadly, it wont’ happen too soon because Lisa is about to get thrust into that suddenly having two kids coma that lasts for about 3 months so I know our comings and goings will be centered around that for the next little while!

Ahhh, it was like breathing in new air….regenerating the Mommy lungs and partaking of something different, even if it was just for four and a half hours! I mean there was just so much fun to be had….

How could you not have fun when there was even preggo boobies to grab! Ahhh good times, good times. Yes, my hand is there….sorry Lisa & Suzanne I had to share it, it was too good to pass up.


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  1. I had a great time, and I really did have no clue! I truly thought I was going for dinner with you and Mel. I love you so much Liss! Thank you for the wonderful night.

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