Toronto Babies at the Ball Park

Two weeks ago (yeah that’s how far behind I am in my blogging) we ventured off to the Babies at the Ball Park event at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. We’ve been to this event before back when Jacob was just 14 months old but this was our first time with two kids! The event is a pretty awesome deal where you not only get discounted tickets to a Major League Ballgame but you also get stroller parking, a diaper change station, and a ton of other parents who quite frankly just don’t give a darn if your baby is screaming its head off or if you have your boob popped out to nurse a wee won….nope everyone is complacent and could frankly care less – babies wailed, my seat got kicked about 100 times over and I didn’t feel any urge to turn around and death stare the person doing it because I knew that the kicker was a wee 15 month old and my own son was surely about to do something equally as annoying at any given minute. Ahhhh, it was so nice to be with other parents and enjoy the ball game without worrying about fingers up nostrils or retched smelling diapers!

We had decided to take the Go Train into the city because our son has a love of all things train related and we were blessed by the weather gods with a clashing piss pouring rain storm while we waited on the train platform – good times right? Deep breath in, remember its all about the kids right? We braved the storm and weaved our way through the train station downtown to find our selves at the Rogers Centre where our entire family enjoyed a pretty good game of baseball…..half way through they even opened up the dome because the storms had passed and the sun was shining!











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