Where Has Mama Been?

Some of my readers have emailed me or messaged me asking where Mama has been….so I’m here to tell you all!

It seems I just can’t beat the clock these days because I feel like no matter how hard I try I just get get the things done that I want to get done. We’ve basically lived the last couple of weeks in quarantine because after our entire family got sick (which took us a full 3 weeks to get over) my aunt landed herself on life support in the hospital because while in the hospital receiving treatment for her leukemia she came down with a bacteria infection/pneumonia in her lungs that she just doesn’t seem to fight. As a result of this, we haven’t been seeing many people and we’re trying to limit our contact with anyone who has kids or who has any sort of illness because if we get sick again, we can’t see my mom and that’s been really hard on Jacob in particular…so we are trying with all of our might to lead a sort of sheltered life for the next little while, at least until my aunt is safely off life support – we did enjoy a day at Centreville and a Babies in the Ballpark outing, which was a really great break from the same old….thankfully so far we’ve all remained, healthy.

Speaking of my aunt, it’s been really nice to reunite with my cousins and its rather unfortunate that over the years we haven’t seen each other because as kids we use to spend a lot of time playing together. The other day we were all sitting around the waiting room of the I.C.U sharing stories and recollecting memories of our times together as children. I went in to see my aunt with my mom that day and it was hard to believe that this woman was the same woman I had only just two days ago chatted with. laughed with, and spent time with. It’s a stark realization that this is how quickly your life can be pushed to the edge, how quickly you could be here and then you could not be. I hope that my aunt is able to pull through so we can celebrate her upcoming birthday, so that we all can enjoy each others company under happier circumstances…God willing.

Somehow we’ve survived with the help of Mike’s mom through all of this sickness and chaos….we’ve had in the past week three different doctors appointments, swimming lessons twice a week, and now three dentist appointments. On top of all these obligations we also have to get all the kids too small clothing consigned because they only accept so much and then they don’t accept anymore….and I need to get this stuff out of my house! Why is it that life always seems like its two to three huge steps ahead of you? I feel like that darn horse chasing the carrot dangled over head…never able to catch up and win the prize!

I do have much to look forward to like the upcoming birth of my niece whom I believe shall be named Isabella, and I’ve got plans to go out for ribs and relaxation with Lisa and Melanie (yes yes ladies AND cheddar dip) two Saturdays from now at Baton Rouge! Yummy. In addition, I am looking forward to Mike’s vacation at the end of the summer which we will hopefully use to just relax in addition to our trip to the C.N.E and the Zoo. When all of this has come and gone, then I have autumn to look forward to…my most favourite time of year!

Through all of this drama, excitement, busy day madness I’ve been grateful to have good friends and family who understand how it is, this ebb and flow of life, and I’m thankful for their emails, facebook messages, and texts to let me know they are thinking of my aunt, hoping for the best, asking for updates, checking in when we were sick to make sure we were getting better…..mostly I’m worried about my mother, who hasn’t been sleeping, spends all her time at the hospital, and is no doubt sick with worry…..so I guess my mind is with her most days, hoping she’s doing okay through it all, hoping she can get rest and praying that my aunt will become well again, so that my mother can have piece of mind.

So the answer is…..Mama’s been preoccupied with life, emotions, illness, and all that jazz…..but I should be back to the blog grind now. I hope.

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  1. Considering all that is going on in your life, you are managing quite well from what I can see. I will say extra prayers for your mom and your aunt.

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