It’s Cold Out There

I’ve been pretty sick for the past little while with migraines and then a small cold or flu, I’m not quite sure actually, but some time during the the past couple of weeks the cold weather rolled in. I have to say that this is my most favorite time of year! I just love all the fall activities that we’re planning on doing and the weather is just so desirable to me! I am looking forward to getting this blog back on track and working on some more home organization activities! In the weeks to come I’ll be going to the apple farm and pumpkin patch with the kids and celebrating thanksgiving with my extended family! I’m really going to soak up the next few months before Christmas!

I have to apologize to all my readers for the crappy blog posts of late….we’ve just had so much going on! I promise though that this is my official I’m back post so you can stop asking me when I’m going to blog again! I’m serious this time! I am looking forward to the month of November where I’m hoping to blog every day for 30 days! I did it last year and had a really great time with the challenge so I’m hoping to complete it again! So hang in there and look for a new post tomorrow!

Dancing Queen

Lately I’ve been fascinated at all the things that Violet is picking up and I’ve enjoyed just sitting on the floor with her watching her go about doing her little thing. A couple weeks ago she started “dancing” whenever certain songs come on and eventually she would start shaking and wiggling whenever I asked her to dance – I love it! When Jacob was little we didn’t take very many videos of him despite the fact that we had a shiny new video camera to use so I’ve been trying really hard to get some good video of this baby stage when Violet’s changing so quickly, learning things so fast, and just plain cute! Take a peek at my little dancing queen!

My Baby Signs!

I am so excited to share this blog post and quite honestly I had been meaning to post it days ago but I fell sick with an awful migraine that had me throwing up in the middle of the night.  Prior to having Jacob we were such baby signing skeptics but when he started signing back to us somewhere around 9/10 months old we were instantly sold ad it completely made our lives 100% easier while he was learning to speak. I could drone on and on about the benefits of teaching your babies to communicate via sign language but a simple google search will yield you all the pro literature your little heart desires.  I have a strong belief that it really helped my son develop language early on and I’m totally counting on it to help Violet as well.  We have started with some basic signs like milk, more, eat, mommy, daddy, etc. and I had noticed recently that she was starting to realize what some of  the signs meant but this past Saturday she signed back to us, not once, not twice, but FOUR times in a row!  I managed to catch the fourth time on video!  Here she is signing MORE!  You can see the deliberate movement of her hands together!  It makes me feel so excited to communicate with her in this way!

Wii Active Challenge: Take One

This weekend I am committing myself to start and eventually complete the low impact 30 day challenge using the Wii Active program. I am slightly nervous about my ability to pull this off as I’ve watched Mike for the past week and it does seem like it might be quite difficult for me. Motherhood keeps my pretty busy but aside from that and the occasional walk to the park and down the street I confess that I am not really doing much exercise to keep myself young and healthy…so I am about to try this one thing and hope that it resonates for me. If I’m able to make it work for me, then I’m going to try to continue it and work up to the eventual goal of doing the high intensity work out.

I think the most important thing for me as I embark on this new effort is to go at my own pace and try to push through activities or exercises that seem too hard for me to do (like squats, I hate squats, I LOATHE sqauats) and just keep trying. If I can maintain an any exercise is good exercise attitude and just simply try to do my best then I think I can be successful at it. So, wish me luck as I give this a good shot – using all the effort I have, a good pair of running shoes and a teeny bit of caffeine….kidding…ok not truly kidding.

I’ll keep you posted.

Mr. Independent


I’m not sure if it is a result of the first ten days of his life spent away from Mike and I in the NICU but Jacob has been fiercely independent since the day he was born. As a baby he was content to sit in his bouncy chair and simply take in the world…he was quiet and observant and never seemed to cry out for anyone to pick him up unless he was hungry – he’d even sit in a poopy diaper like it was some sort of warm butt treatment – he never complained. On the flip side of that, we as his parents despite his independence still picked him up constantly, snuggled him, loved on him and he with his go with the flo nature absorbed it and snuggled right in with us….but we coiuld always put him down to go do something without a fuss, he simply was a cool cat. I guess I was fortunate to have a ton of affectionate cuddly baby mixed with a ton of down time while he practiced his independence.

As he’s grown he’s manifested his independence in many ways but mostly recently he seems to want us to let him do his toileting business alone….which hey, I’m not complaining about one bit. I always knew there would come a moment where he wanted his discretion so I’m not surprised and Jacob has since the time he could walked prefered to poop in private…..I’m not kidding you, all of a sudden you’d find him in his bedroom crouched in the corner and you’d ask him what he was doing and he’d holler “go downstairs!”….and then all of a sudden he’d walk by and you’d catch a wiff of that nasty present he left in his diaper. Lately, he’s been doing his number 2 business in the toilet and wanting to wipe his own butt…which again makes me cheer because hello!!! I’ve been wiping that kids poop for over 3 years already and now I’m wiping a second kids butt…so if he’s ready to do it, all the power to ya buddy – go for it!

For the most part the self butt wiping has been quite successful and as a result I’ve eased on up the relentless “are you sure you got it all out?” and the “let mommy double check” because he really was doing a good job. Just like any other normal human being we are all likely to make mistakes, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when I heard Jacob shout down at me from the climbing apparatus at the park….


Oh yes, if you were at the park that day and you saw that little blonde boy bellowing about her scratchy rump….you now know that it was indeed my boy. I motioned for Jacob to come down from the climbing apparatus to which he responded with…

“I can’t Mommy because MU BUM IS REALLY SUPER SCRATCHY!!!!”

So I got as close to him as I could and encouraged him to come down and when he did I questionned him about his irritable heiny and he so kindly filed me into the fact that he forgot to wipe his rear after taking a poop……the poop that he took before leaving the house to go to the park! So we get back home and I encourage him to go wipe his bum and suddenly he’s telling me I can’t do it and he wants me to help him, so I do and then he says….

“Thanks so much for scratching my scratchy bum Mommy, it feels better now!”

Oh geeze, I’m thinking….so much for Mr. Independence.

I guess at 3 years old he’s allowed to have a bit of help from his dear old Mom every now and then.

Teething Bites

I’m sure that exact blog title has been used by mother after mother around the world but I really have no other way of explaining what’s been going on in this house during the past 48 hours. I’ve often stated that my kids, although related, are quite different from each other in a whole lot of ways and time and time again this is proving to be true. At some point approximately 48 hours ago Violet just out of the blue started refusing to eat, drink, or even breathe without a hysterical high pitched voice wailing from her lungs….she started gnawing on her hands, whimpering and spitting…..

Oh yes. I did say spitting.

I was about to myself flipping through the yellow pages trying to find a number for some agency that deals with rabid infants…when it suddenly occurred to me that this could possibly be it….Violet could finally be getting some pearly whites, some shiny chick-lets….teeth. So this must be what it is like when everyone says that teething was a nightmare for their child, that their infant was suddenly acting and behaving in a manner that made them feel every emotion possible……..ahh it seems that I have not been blessed with a second child who teethed painlessly….poor angel.

I am trying to keep the poor Diva comfortable, letting her have some frozen cubes of pear in her mesh feeder, offering tylenol and hoping that she doesn’t spit it right back at my face….and I’m anxiously awaiting the eruption of several teeth…..I know they are there because I can feel their sharp edges sitting just at the gum line…and I’m hoping, praying, that they will bust out and give my sweet girl some relief.

It would make Mama feel a whole lot better if they would

Pretty please?

As The Summer Sun Sets…

I spent a long day at the Canadian National Exhibition yesterday with the air show roaring over head signaling the end of summer to all Torontonians. I’ve lived in the Greater Toronto Area all of my life and like any other lifelong GTA’er I’m reminded every year that the summer is drawing to a close by the roar of the same jets and time and time I again I find myself wondering how quickly time is slipping through our fingers. I can’t help but being reminded that this time next year my son, the very one who just three years ago gifted me with motherhood….will be heading off to school for the very first time ever. I am going through a sort of denial stage right now I suppose…..finding it hard to believe that my daughter is going to be 8 months old in just 2 weeks time, and wondering how its possible that Jacob is picking up the french language so easily – disbelief, denial, whatever you want to call it – I find myself clinging helplessly to their youth and trying not to take it for granted.

As I shake off the plans we had for the summer that never was (boo on the weather man)…I’m finding my thoughts drift towards the next 4 months and the adventures we have in store as my paid maternity leave draws to it’s end. There is no doubt that the approaching autumn is my most favorite time of year but I am not fooled….I know that it too will slip away before I know it. My goal for the next couple of months is to focus on taking good care of myself by making the best choices for myself that I could possibly make, spending time with my children and staying on top of some home organization projects we have planned a long the way. I am looking forward to hosting my first ever Thanksgiving Dinner at our place, picking pumpkins at the farm, taking my silly monkeys out for Halloween, apple picking and apple pie making, Christmas carols and cookies….and basically taking a big drink out of the cup of youth my little ones seem to hold in their grasp. I want to soak in Violet’s babyhood and swim through Jacob’s curiosity so that when the time comes, ten years from now… is all still a very vivid part of my memory, frozen there like the frost clings to the windows during the winter.

I promise a ton of good things to come on this blog, many new adventures, and a whole new kind of Mama…

Stay tuned.

That Daddy Guy Takes Vacation

We’ve known for weeks now that Mike was taking Vacation time this week but what we didn’t know was that he would be having a work from home week the week prior to his vacation. It’s been so wonderful to have That Daddy Guy home with us for the past week (even if he did have to sit at his computer and work) and we are already enjoying our family vacation this week. I have spent about 90% less time online which means my blogging has suffered but I won’t lie….we are having a good time enjoying our kids, taking in a deep breath of each other, doing some home organization, and just simply getting out of the house. So far this week we’ve been reorganizing our living room, visited the zoo, and spent a lot of time together as a family and we are looking forward to visiting with Nana and Papa, going to the C.N.E (Canadian National Exhibition), visiting Sofia and Auntie Lisa, and most likely a picnic at High Park or Toronto Harbourfront….all in the days to come.

I always love when That Daddy Guy goes on vacation but its also bittersweet because while we enjoy the company and excitement of having Mike home, I know that next week I will be yanking hairs out of my head in frustration trying to get the kids back in line with our sort of routine while Daddy is at work. I know how much Jacob loves when Daddy stays home from work and since we’ve had Violet he’s had some sadness when Mike or I leave to go somewhere without him so I’m pretty sure next Tuesday is not going to be a happy time when Daddy heads out the door to work in the morning. Poop.

For now, I am trying hard not to think too hard about Mike going back to work and we’re settling in to really enjoy this week with the added bonus that this coming weekend is the Labour day long weekend which means Mike gets an EXTRA day off!