It’s Cold Out There

I’ve been pretty sick for the past little while with migraines and then a small cold or flu, I’m not quite sure actually, but some time during the the past couple of weeks the cold weather rolled in. I have to say that this is my most favorite time of year! I just love all the fall activities that we’re planning on doing and the weather is just so desirable to me! I am looking forward to getting this blog back on track and working on some more home organization activities! In the weeks to come I’ll be going to the apple farm and pumpkin patch with the kids and celebrating thanksgiving with my extended family! I’m really going to soak up the next few months before Christmas!

I have to apologize to all my readers for the crappy blog posts of late….we’ve just had so much going on! I promise though that this is my official I’m back post so you can stop asking me when I’m going to blog again! I’m serious this time! I am looking forward to the month of November where I’m hoping to blog every day for 30 days! I did it last year and had a really great time with the challenge so I’m hoping to complete it again! So hang in there and look for a new post tomorrow!

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