Mr. Independent


I’m not sure if it is a result of the first ten days of his life spent away from Mike and I in the NICU but Jacob has been fiercely independent since the day he was born. As a baby he was content to sit in his bouncy chair and simply take in the world…he was quiet and observant and never seemed to cry out for anyone to pick him up unless he was hungry – he’d even sit in a poopy diaper like it was some sort of warm butt treatment – he never complained. On the flip side of that, we as his parents despite his independence still picked him up constantly, snuggled him, loved on him and he with his go with the flo nature absorbed it and snuggled right in with us….but we coiuld always put him down to go do something without a fuss, he simply was a cool cat. I guess I was fortunate to have a ton of affectionate cuddly baby mixed with a ton of down time while he practiced his independence.

As he’s grown he’s manifested his independence in many ways but mostly recently he seems to want us to let him do his toileting business alone….which hey, I’m not complaining about one bit. I always knew there would come a moment where he wanted his discretion so I’m not surprised and Jacob has since the time he could walked prefered to poop in private…..I’m not kidding you, all of a sudden you’d find him in his bedroom crouched in the corner and you’d ask him what he was doing and he’d holler “go downstairs!”….and then all of a sudden he’d walk by and you’d catch a wiff of that nasty present he left in his diaper. Lately, he’s been doing his number 2 business in the toilet and wanting to wipe his own butt…which again makes me cheer because hello!!! I’ve been wiping that kids poop for over 3 years already and now I’m wiping a second kids butt…so if he’s ready to do it, all the power to ya buddy – go for it!

For the most part the self butt wiping has been quite successful and as a result I’ve eased on up the relentless “are you sure you got it all out?” and the “let mommy double check” because he really was doing a good job. Just like any other normal human being we are all likely to make mistakes, so it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when I heard Jacob shout down at me from the climbing apparatus at the park….


Oh yes, if you were at the park that day and you saw that little blonde boy bellowing about her scratchy rump….you now know that it was indeed my boy. I motioned for Jacob to come down from the climbing apparatus to which he responded with…

“I can’t Mommy because MU BUM IS REALLY SUPER SCRATCHY!!!!”

So I got as close to him as I could and encouraged him to come down and when he did I questionned him about his irritable heiny and he so kindly filed me into the fact that he forgot to wipe his rear after taking a poop……the poop that he took before leaving the house to go to the park! So we get back home and I encourage him to go wipe his bum and suddenly he’s telling me I can’t do it and he wants me to help him, so I do and then he says….

“Thanks so much for scratching my scratchy bum Mommy, it feels better now!”

Oh geeze, I’m thinking….so much for Mr. Independence.

I guess at 3 years old he’s allowed to have a bit of help from his dear old Mom every now and then.

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