Teething Bites

I’m sure that exact blog title has been used by mother after mother around the world but I really have no other way of explaining what’s been going on in this house during the past 48 hours. I’ve often stated that my kids, although related, are quite different from each other in a whole lot of ways and time and time again this is proving to be true. At some point approximately 48 hours ago Violet just out of the blue started refusing to eat, drink, or even breathe without a hysterical high pitched voice wailing from her lungs….she started gnawing on her hands, whimpering and spitting…..

Oh yes. I did say spitting.

I was about to myself flipping through the yellow pages trying to find a number for some agency that deals with rabid infants…when it suddenly occurred to me that this could possibly be it….Violet could finally be getting some pearly whites, some shiny chick-lets….teeth. So this must be what it is like when everyone says that teething was a nightmare for their child, that their infant was suddenly acting and behaving in a manner that made them feel every emotion possible……..ahh it seems that I have not been blessed with a second child who teethed painlessly….poor angel.

I am trying to keep the poor Diva comfortable, letting her have some frozen cubes of pear in her mesh feeder, offering tylenol and hoping that she doesn’t spit it right back at my face….and I’m anxiously awaiting the eruption of several teeth…..I know they are there because I can feel their sharp edges sitting just at the gum line…and I’m hoping, praying, that they will bust out and give my sweet girl some relief.

It would make Mama feel a whole lot better if they would

Pretty please?

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