That Daddy Guy Takes Vacation

We’ve known for weeks now that Mike was taking Vacation time this week but what we didn’t know was that he would be having a work from home week the week prior to his vacation. It’s been so wonderful to have That Daddy Guy home with us for the past week (even if he did have to sit at his computer and work) and we are already enjoying our family vacation this week. I have spent about 90% less time online which means my blogging has suffered but I won’t lie….we are having a good time enjoying our kids, taking in a deep breath of each other, doing some home organization, and just simply getting out of the house. So far this week we’ve been reorganizing our living room, visited the zoo, and spent a lot of time together as a family and we are looking forward to visiting with Nana and Papa, going to the C.N.E (Canadian National Exhibition), visiting Sofia and Auntie Lisa, and most likely a picnic at High Park or Toronto Harbourfront….all in the days to come.

I always love when That Daddy Guy goes on vacation but its also bittersweet because while we enjoy the company and excitement of having Mike home, I know that next week I will be yanking hairs out of my head in frustration trying to get the kids back in line with our sort of routine while Daddy is at work. I know how much Jacob loves when Daddy stays home from work and since we’ve had Violet he’s had some sadness when Mike or I leave to go somewhere without him so I’m pretty sure next Tuesday is not going to be a happy time when Daddy heads out the door to work in the morning. Poop.

For now, I am trying hard not to think too hard about Mike going back to work and we’re settling in to really enjoy this week with the added bonus that this coming weekend is the Labour day long weekend which means Mike gets an EXTRA day off!

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  1. Having Daddy home for vacations is so wonderful. I love when Jamie is home. He had some outpatient surgery last week and so was home a couple days. Of course he was pretty much in bed the whole time, but having him home was SO nice. I look forward to retirement lol

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