Extended Rear Facing: Our Choice

I have been doing a lot of thinking and research since I heard on the news that it was recommended for children in the United States to remain rear facing for at least two years. I was quite curious about why they felt this was necessary because as soon as Jacob hit the age and weight limit we were quick to turn his seat around and what I came across was a substantial amount of information that proved beyond a doubt that children were much safer when facing the rear of the car. It is because of the research out there that we have decided to keep Violet rear facing for a longer amount of time than Jacob was – we’ve decided to keep her that way until at least 18 months old and then I suppose we will decide from there. I encourage you to do a google search for yourself and learn all you can about the importance of rear facing but for now I leave you with a little something I saw on a message board that I frequent.

2 thoughts on “Extended Rear Facing: Our Choice

  1. I am all for extended rear-facing. Ani was until almost 19 months old (had to turn her around because two rear-facing carseats would not fit in our car and Cameron was about to be born). Cameron was rear-facing until 18 or so months. Fritz was rear-facing until around 16 months when he figured out how to turn around and stand up in his carseat while the car was moving. We decided that was not safe lol Adrian we turned around as soon as we could, right when he turned one. He gets motion sickness really bad (even when we’re in going backwards Metro seats on the subway he gets sick) and turning him around helped that incredibly. After a year we were quite done hearing him scream every time we went on a trip in the car.

  2. I think it’s a great decision. Mary’s ped recommended extended rear facing based on the new research but she was a car screamer so we gave in and turned her around just after she turned 1. Thanks for the info.

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