Pumpkin Land

Well despite our fear that we would not make it to any of our usual fall activities this year, we did manage to find the time and energy (and good weather too I suppose) to make it out to Whittamore’s Farm to visit their pumpkin land! We have been going to Whittamore’s farm for 5 years now and every year we go they always have something new they’ve built or a new activity they’ve added! I have to say it is definitely our favorite activity every fall and we always come home with a great big pumpkin to carve! This year it was our first time going with two children and we also had my mother-in-law join us for the day! I could not have asked for a better day in regards to the weather and both of our children were in a particularly beautiful mood….although we did have to create a “naughty” bench when Jacob started throwing a minor tantrum about not wanting to go away from an activity he was doing….it’s amazing how much easier it is becoming to find a time out space just about anywhere these days!

Violet on the hey

Jacob and Violet with the Pumpkins 1

Jacob with the pumpkins

Violet With with Pumpkins 2



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