Bad Mama 101

Jacob had a slice of leftover pizza for lunch today and he is not a crust person (like his Mama) so he left it on his table and came to sit where Violet and I were, of course Miss Violet crawled right over there and snatched it up – I’m so awful! A good mommy would have grabbed it out of her hands but instead I took a picture!!


Of course when I finally did take it away from her she was none to pleased and crawled away as fast as she could…..


Only to find more trouble along the way when she discovered her brother’s balloon!


Ahhh, the joys of mommyhood! I forgot what it’s like to have a moving active baby!! Although these pictures make me so excited because OMG look at her, she’s FINALLY getting hair!!!

And, would someone put some darn clothes on the kid??? It’s not like she doesn’t have a closet full upstairs!!

Diva V is always up to some sort of shenanigans – just last week at the mall as you recall she was all over her dad’s dinner roll! What is with carbs? Why do they have to taste so good!?

2 thoughts on “Bad Mama 101

  1. Welcome to second motherhood lol Adrian was eating pizza bones (we always call the leftover crust the bones) by 6 months…

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