Christmas is Coming To Town…..

This past week we were able to finish up our Christmas shopping for Jacob aside from stocking stuffers and some books for our traditional book bag. It feels so great to be able to say I can cross Jacob of our list and move on to picking up a few items for Violet now, whom I confess is not so easy to shop for since we have a houseful of baby toys that belonged to Jacob! If you are a member of our extended family and friends and reading this please if I can offer you any advice when it comes to gift giving for my children this year please please please do not purchase any incredibly large toys that take up too much space!! We are lovers of toys that can be put away since we do not have a ton of space in our place right now! Also, Jacob is an asthmatic and because of this we try to reduce the amount of stuffed toys that we have in the house since they are practically dust collectors! If you are looking for a gift idea stay tuned because I will list a few things in a different blog post that Jacob has expressed an interest in but that we chose not to get him because we were content with the items we had picked out for him. So here is what our little man is getting for Christmas this year!

Imaginarium Motorized Marble Race

Big Bucket of Dinosaurs

V-Tech Learning Laptop

Two Word World Lego Sets

We also got home some Thomas trains but for some reason I was unable to post pics!!

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