How to Be a DIVA 101: By Violet Grace.

Took these pics while we were having Violet’s an Only Child night (we were getting ready to go out shopping, hence the coat – we’re not actually hang out around the house in our coats kind of people)- Jacob was at his Nana and Papa’s house for a sleep over party!

First you must master the “sit and look serious” pose.

Then the throw your head back and laugh “you’re so funny dahling” post all while making sure to draw attention to your shoes, girls love shoes right?

Next we have the, “I can work a smile with a runny nose” pose.

This is the “look cute smile and wave” pose while yet again drawing attention to the shoes…..

And lastly, I can throw a “diva tantrum” because OMG you so did not just wipe my nose MOM!!!

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