Mama’s Pick: Umi Shoes

I thought I’d share some products lately that I have come to really love, hoping that it might help other Mama’s out there be pointed in the right direction if ever they are looking for something similar.

My daughter has incredibly small feet and while other babies are fitting in size 6-12 month or even size 3 shoes by now, Violet is still a very small size 1 in the shoe department or 0-6 months in shoes that come in that fit. I have been on mommy boards since I first got pregnant and when I’ve asked questions about “what shoes do you put on your baby” I typically receive a bunch of answers that when all mashed up together comes out like this “i don’t put shoes on my baby, you shouldn’t put shoes on yours, boo, hiss, protest”……ok so that’s a bit of an exaggeration but for the most part people respond that they don’t’ put shoes on their babies and while that might be fine for them, it’s not fine for me….we have temperatures in the severe negatives during our coldest months and quite frankly I’m just not cool with my near 1 year old strutting her stuff in a pair of old navy socks so shoes, boots, whatever……they are a real necessity for us. I went on a search one day for a pair of shoes that would not fall off of Violet’s feet because even though I am a fan of Robeez she just did not have the ankles to keep them on well enough and they were cute thin and not warm enough. I stumbled upon a store at the mall and fell in love with the UMI brand! I confess that they are about 40 dollars Canadian a pair but we were lucky enough to find ours on sale for $19.99!!!! We love them and now that we’ve been using them for a while I can safely say that I highly recommend these to any other mother out there looking for a soft sole flexible show for their infant/toddler! UMI seems to be a European brand but I have seen them now at a few stores here in Canada and I believe they are available in the USA also!!

You can visit their website here!

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